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Another day, another slew of instances we wouldn’t have to block/suspend if we were just allowed to moderate federation proactively.

Ho hum.

So apparently is a thing. If you havent suspended it you should and if you wont im suspending your instance. This isnt negotiable.

A reminder that kiwifarms has inspired multiple mass shooters, induced multiple suicides and their admin is literally on the run hiding from the legal reprecussions of his actions.

One last thing:

Y’all wouldn’t have to “tut-tut if only we’d know” when YOU DO FUCKING KNOW.

You just don’t want to be bothered to actually care.

Histrionics-after-the-fact is a shit lifestyle choice.

@BrokenBiscuit @paeneultima

fedi: women are crazy for talking about abuse and accusing people of it

also fedi: women who can prove they are being abused are crazy and dangerous

@paeneultima Always keep proof, be it pictures, recordings or screenshots.

Let's see those fucks ignore that.

I’m taking a fucking break from here.

Y’all need to decide whether performative indifference is worth the price of lives.

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“Where’s your proof tho?????”

*proof provided*

*pearls clutched*


“Can you believe she KEPT those?????”

The pear industry will never dry up as long as mastodon exists.


Love that folks say “prove it” out of one side of their fucking mouths and “hdu keep proof” out of the other.

Fuck this entire shit ass ecosystem of trash.

I’m too old and my zone of proximal learning too short for a game that unforgiving.

It’s pretty af, tho.

Y’all make me wish I gave a 💩 about Dark Souls games.

TIL Fabric dot com is owned by Amazon. And sells through amazon dot com but weirdly, Amazon's own-branded version is the default version, which is seventy cents per yard more expensive but which ships more quickly; either one is free shipping (vs. the fabric dot com site, which requires a $50 minimum that I almost always make anyway).

If you equate call outs with canceling, just admit that you don't want people to be held accountable for their behavior and you want them to be able to continue their cycle of bad behavior with new, oblivious victims.

Straight men are like "i have to get back to the ole ball and chain" when they are leaving a boys night to return to the only person theyve ever felt comfortable crying in front of

no no you see the earth is round, it's the moon that's flat

Lol I am NOT in ANY WAY a Boomer.

But as a member of Generation X I AM accustomed to being erased.

Because the Boomers did it.

Makes you think.

me, between paychecks:
"Libraries are a superior institution, tying communities together around traditions of sharing and a love of knowledge, viva la bibliotheca!"

me, on payday:
"Yes, I'd like to purchase all of these books, and could someone please help me load them into the trailer I've rented, thanks."

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