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Hello friends!

toadliles (myself, @fridgebuzznow, and my spouse) have completed our first album!

Check it out here:

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Another day, another slew of instances we wouldn’t have to block/suspend if we were just allowed to moderate federation proactively.

Ho hum.

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Kickstart my educational course package:

Code-Switching for Coders

This 50 year education program will encompass a 20 year beginner segment, where I will try very hard to teach programmers and developers that most of the world aren’t, in fact, programmers and developers.

In the advanced courses (30 years of me beating my head against a wall) programmers and developers will maybe eventually learn to make tech that is actually usable outside their walled garden.

Fact about me:

When I say I love a show that doesn’t mean I want a suggestion of a show “that is the same.”

I saw ads for Killing Eve. I keep getting told it’s “just like” Hannibal.

I loved Hannibal. I don’t want it again. I want something new, exciting, and different.

Maybe this is why I’m bad at multiple series in the same universe.

Staying up the read the avclub review of a finale of a show I haven’t watched in 4 seasons.

What is my life.

I’m only gonna day one thing about GoT:

I’m glad it’s fucking over so I don’t have to hear about it anymore*

*once the hub hub has died down

Imagine software projects maintained by people who didn't believe they knew everything about everything, and believed that to improve it they needed seriously consider the input of interested people.

Autistic People. So, new Research. Different social skills, not broken ones.

"In essence, what we are demonstrating for the first time is that autistic people's social behaviour includes effective communication and effective social interaction, in direct contradiction of the diagnostic criteria for autism. We have, for the first time, uncovered empirical evidence that there is a form of social intelligence that is specific to autistic people."

In other words, different social skills, not broken ones. We have our own social signalling and can co-operate and interact effectively....with each other. Likewise, non-autistic people can generally co-operate and interact effectively...with each other. But put one of each group together, and they both tend to misunderstand one another. They don't feel rapport with one another, that sense that you just 'click' with someone and understand them.

This isn't a new theory, of course. Dr Damian Milton has been discussing Double Empathy theory for a while now.

I’m not going to rag on any of it more than I just did cos I know folks love it, and that’s fine!

There’s just a lot that puts me off and I try to maintain a balance between giving things a fair shake, quitting while I’m ahead, and making sure I don’t hate-watch things. It’s delicate and I don’t always succeed.

I just want more DS9.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The more Trek I watch the more I realize I am definitely NOT a Trek fan, just a DS9 fan.

I loathed every second of TNG’s supposed feminism wherein the women played stereotypical caregiver roles.

Y’all gaveth me myriad and diverse women in DS9 and y’all tooketh them away by maternalizing my first captain? Thanks, I hate it.

What’s the fastest you noped out of a piece of media?

For me it was 5 minutes into Voyager.

I did not spend 7 seasons glorying in Jadzia-Dax, Ezri-Dax, Kira Nerise, and every other woman of rank being called “sir” for Janeway to beg to be called “ma’am” by an officer of inferior rank.

Wanted: federated timeline that is just the instances that house the folks I follow.

But we can’t have proactive federation and we as users specifically cannot have granular control of how we federate without having a single-user instance.

Cool. Cool cool cool.

I have completed everything in Yoshi’s Crafted World except Go-Go Yoshi (fuck that level) the timed challenge boss fights, and Kamek’s Kerfuffle.

I am now past the edge of my ability.

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Unemployed since 8 March, need groceries. Free USA shipping on these #maille #Pride moebius bracelets. I have two 6 inch #rainbow swirly, one 6 inch solid rainbow, one 6.5 inch solid rainbow, and two 6.5 inch bi pride. Sorry, I can't lengthen them or change the clasp, my rings and findings are in storage. They're $20 each to or$tarlimanjoppos #lgbtqa #Chainmail #chainmaille #jewelry #art #mastoart Please Boost

Someday I’m gonna rewrite it and then I’ll be both universally reviled by manbabies and also disgustingly wealthy.

It will b optioned and the film version will be true to the original text despite only using my rewrite as it’s base material.

A local used bookstore had a fancy press of HYPERION for $100 and every time I see it my blood boils.

It is not only trash, it is trash that blithely and miserably squanders every opportunity at greatness, with what I can only call willful and cruel malice.

The only thing missing from @tootapp is the ability to search & block instances.

The only thing that needs improving is making it so the person who boosted a Toot isn’t included in a reply to the OP.

Otherwise this app is perfect.

What's a word you always want to use, but you never actually have the right context for it?

Mine is "reify."

TIL Tokyo city merged with its prefecture in 1943 to become “Tokyo Metropolis” cementing it’s place as city with the coolest sci-fi name irl.

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