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Another day, another slew of instances we wouldn’t have to block/suspend if we were just allowed to moderate federation proactively.

Ho hum.

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Kickstart my educational course package:

Code-Switching for Coders

This 50 year education program will encompass a 20 year beginner segment, where I will try very hard to teach programmers and developers that most of the world aren’t, in fact, programmers and developers.

In the advanced courses (30 years of me beating my head against a wall) programmers and developers will maybe eventually learn to make tech that is actually usable outside their walled garden.

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Wouldn’t the better version of federation be “opt-in” federation with other instances rather than “opt-out”?

Why should we have to go through extra steps of quarantining off shit instances when instead they could come to the door, knock, and ask politely?

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Okay today i have off due to impending Weather.

My plan is to get all my homework done and also not buy any fish. But maybe I’ll rescue a couple of plants? Idk Lowe’s has a “these are basically dead give us $1” shelf and I can’t not clear it out.

Fucking hell iPhone earbuds are trash for asmr and my adapter to use decent earbuds is in my god damn car.

Hi. Can someone please link me some resources on starting a union?

I'm just sitting here at work, perusing fish pet supplies like I'm not planning on moving out of the country in the next year or so...

Somebody stop me.

Real talk only 2 things keep me from smoking cigarettes:

-my mom, who is 20 years my dad’s junior, now looks older than him
-1/2 of my mom’s 6 sisters have some form of cancer/lung lesions

Yes, these are in order of importance.

I’ll say this for migraines:

They sure do distract from how I can’t maintain a decent core body temp on my own below 75°F.

Moved all my files to NextCloud and am using the desktop app so I can both have them everywhere and somewhere.

I suppose I should really get rolling on a password manager.

wrote a short blog post, thoughts on a question I get asked more than I would like

"Where are you from?"

Y'all. I forgot about ASMR over the winter break and hooooo boooooy does it do the job of a xanax (sometimes) without the xanax part.

When and how I choose to swear or self-censor outside of work is amusingly random.

Like, I crack myself up with how, even within a single post, I'll go from "this is heccing trash, just fucking garbage, you know?"

Who's got nextcloud up and running courtesy of @disroot?


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Did you all know fish just like, sit at the bottom of their tanks and chill?

Cos I sure as fuck did not and boy oh boy have I thought they were dead A LOT today. (Yes, I know dead fish float. I just want to be a good fish babysitter.)

Libertarians are just broke Republicans.

Mood: sobbing through the latest Radiolab

Me in 6 months: you’re not even they’re mother anymore!


Me: see, what had happened was...


Me: No, you’re fish always looked like this???

It’s just two fat fancy goldfish in a 10 gallon tank with a bunch of fake plants, but also she has two of those marimo moss balls (that are in TERRIBLE health) and I’m gonna try to make them happy.

I am babysitting 2 fishes for a coworker’s daughter who is going to England to study abroad.

I am excited cos I always wanted fish but:
-ugh the upfront investment costs
-ugh they’re so unethically farmed

This way I get to sidestep the ick parts AND look like a real fine person.


Another snowstorm this weekend. Did our grocery shopping tonight and lord god is going out after 6 pm a trash endeavor.

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