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Myself, @fridgebuzznow, and my spouse are making music.

We put our first demo up on bandcamp.

Check it out if you want to listen to music.

I also made a tiny website for it.

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Another day, another slew of instances we wouldn’t have to block/suspend if we were just allowed to moderate federation proactively.

Ho hum.

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Kickstart my educational course package:

Code-Switching for Coders

This 50 year education program will encompass a 20 year beginner segment, where I will try very hard to teach programmers and developers that most of the world aren’t, in fact, programmers and developers.

In the advanced courses (30 years of me beating my head against a wall) programmers and developers will maybe eventually learn to make tech that is actually usable outside their walled garden.

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Folks who list their audio art (music, podcasts, etc) online, which distro service do you find least objectionable?

If I mute every permutation of zodiac stuff does mastodon even exist?

When you go to block and mute a person and you've already blocked and muted them.

"In order to be successful, this brand of subterfuge requires a public that is either too ignorant or in willful denial of racism’s machinations to look past the surface. Fortunately for Morley, he lives in the United States, where questions of racism are often litigated in terms of “what’s in a person’s heart,” or what they are willing to admit publicly."

Zak Cheney-Rice has been spitting FLAME lately.

Whoops knocked myself the entire fuck out watching an ASMR video. Now I have a "woke up too soon from a nap" headache.


Chelsea Manning is back in jail.


For speaking truth to power.


Please support her.

One easy way is to get this benefit album.

It features awesome artists who you like.

If you can't donate, retweet.

Okay thanks.

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V proud that a post I made when angry contained zero errors of spelling or apostrophizing.

*single happy tear*

It’s a real fuck that to post about anything even slightly proprietary, even if just to help illustrate a point, you have to beg on hands and knees to not have a fucking fossbro come into your mentions and deliver you a detailed list of why you’re history’s greatest monster.

Only in the world of stock images can you find a kitchen surface with enough room to park a laptop and work on it comfortably.

I am so tired I just looked at my car and said, “Weird, this frost is all liquidy.” As tho dew was a completely foreign concept.

We are now officially one song, mixing, and mastering away from our album. Yikes! 😄😄

Hello from your friendly neighborhood Scotch-Irish American lady! Yearly reminder for this day: If you see someone going on about Irish slaves, tell them to shut the fuck up. 😘 🍀

Myself, @fridgebuzznow, and my spouse are making music.

We put our first demo up on bandcamp.

Check it out if you want to listen to music.

I also made a tiny website for it.

toadlilies is now 1.5 songs from having completely recorded our first full length album. I am so excited!

Wanna hear what we sound like? Check out our demo:

Funkwhale Sync #4 will start in 45 minutes, remember to join a few minutes before (especially if you want to dicuss via audio) to ensure you have time to tweak your setup if needed :)

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