I'm easily not the first to point this out, but white goth culture too much associates its aesthetic with a certain aesthetic of pale skin.

Goth's parent culture, punk, also has a racism problem, ironically.

The music, the style, is about social deviance, subverting cultural norms: you do the opposite if your subculture circles are all-white.

Queer punks and goths of color have always been the most revolutionary among y'all. Either drop the exclusion or drop the performative radicalism.

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No, you're not being cancelled for wearing corpse paint. You're being held accountable for racism, smh.


Abuse mention. 

Racism (continued). 

Not to revive an old thread (actually yes because this should be discussed always) but I found this 2017 Vox article about Black goths:

@ArtistMarciaX @nothingwindsky i always associate Living Colour with this as well, though i'm not good with punk music timeline

@Absolutely_Blakely im not the best either. i know a bit about the OG's of american hard core

ive forgotten some of the more obscure details tbh


Racism, profanity. 




re: Racism. 

"white goth culture too much associates its aesthetic with a certain aesthetic of pale skin"
Is that an american thing? The only people I've seen doing that here were a few models.

@nothingwindsky @maloki

Andy Anderson was drummer on Lovecats and The Caterpillar, heโ€™d played with Siouxsie and The Glove, Smith and Severinโ€™s side project.

He was there at the start of goth rock, as much a part of it as the bigger more famous names.

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