New Ordinance effective immediately:

White people *must* say "as a white person," before commenting *anything* about race.

Perhaps identifying themselves will cause them to reflect before posting foolishness.


As a white person, I think I can get behind this. Might need the occasional reminder/citation, but hey. Small price.


As a white person,

. . . eh. Can I turn that into margaritas?

(I am a silly.)

@thraeryn I think it's exceedingly easy to for white people assume a homogeneity of experiences among people in a discussion because the surrounding society tends to market the experience of whiteness to ascribe that perspective a sort of normativity. It can likely go a long way to consciously recognize that bias and one's own relationship *with* said bias before speaking—a serious response begets another.


100% agree. I feel I'm at a . . . 3% remove from that as a weirdo "black sheep", while (finally, after 40 years) realizing that race and privilege sat as arbiters over so many of my interactions.

If the "white weirdos" would think a little harder about all the times they were othered, and link those feelings to a generalized idea of race relations, . . . it still wouldn't be perfect, but it might be marginally nicer?

@thraeryn Not sure to whom you're referring with "white weirdos." Contemplation about one's perspectives, I think, can benefit everyone.


Mm, yeah. I'm not sure who I mean, either, quite. There's a general feeling in my head: drama kids, goths, etc. There's no hard definition.

If EVERYONE could keep the times the were othered close, and think about the facets of their own perspectives, yeah. The world would be better.

@nothingwindsky As a white person, I think it's appropriate for me to preface my statements with "as the whitest guy I've ever met".

@bstacey You must prove your whiteness in a court of law and/or a sanctioned duel (of any pre-agreed upon white activity) with any challenging white persons.

@nothingwindsky As the challenged party, I will choose ... performative appreciation of jazz and cultural appropriation of the spiciest food possible.


I'm going to ask, as a recipient of white privilege, whether it's sufficient to use a preface like 'as a recipient of white privilege' so I can acknowledge the reality of its effect, but don't have to further support the fundamental conceptions of race as anything but, well, ... cruel and utter bullshit.

@deejoe I think to speak of race within the context of perspectives, privileges, biases, is itself already an acknowledgement of its effect.

@deejoe If I refer to myself as an "Asian" person, I don't think of that language as perpetuating the false biological fundamental conceptions of race—I simply am describing the general experience through which I am racialized.


but 'whiteness' doesn't work the same way, does it? it sets itself apart as the uninflected. it's not 'from' anywhere because it sees itself as rightly belonging everywhere


whiteness isn't the object of racialization, but rather its subject. it does the racializing.

@deejoe Precisely. I mean only to suggest that I view it as a pointless distinction to make.


and that's why, as a recipient of white privilege, there's no redemptive, or even neutral, way to 'claim' whiteness.

the best I can do is reject it, to try to stop being one of those people who, as Coates puts it, who 'think that they are white'

@deejoe Well, within the context of the thread, acknowledgement of oneself "as a white person" and acknowledgement of one's own white privilege *is* the same thing.


fair. but the trick isn't in *just* the acknowledgement, it's communicating the rejection, too.

one can't tell from "I am white" whether that's coming from an essentialist position, nor whether it admits to receiving privilege. it might be an embrace!

all it admits to is that there's a divide.

@deejoe That's the role of context. And, respectfully, I don't need this to be explained to me. The OP is a joke.


sorry. didn't mean to lecture.

thanks for checking me on this while I worked it out.

@deejoe No worries.

The OP intends to mock white people unnecessarily weighing in on race discourse by pointing out the absurdity of welcomingly identifying as white. Cheers.


of course, we'll as likely have noted, reported, blocked, muted, defederated from anyone who'd make such an embrace in these corners of the fediverse in which we meet.

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