You know what infuriates me (one of many)? That primary school history courses in the United States often still attempt to justify the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Can we not even show the slightest remorse for different cultures overseas? From youth, the US trains people to adopt nationalistic perspectives on the rest of the living world. God knows how many adults today need to unlearn that shit.

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@lj_writes Yeah. The notion that "without dropping Fat Man and Little Boy, Japan would've never surrendered" seems shallow when one considers that intimidating the Soviets became a significant objective of the bombings. You want to posit some Anglocentric "military strategy" argument like US education teaches you to? I'd rather you just tell me you have no regard for 200,000 innocent Japanese lives (explosion and radiation) because of the 6,000 miles separating them from you.


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