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I'm Jun. Iraqi Arab and Japanese second-generation immigrant. Agender (ey/em or they/them). Neurodivergent. I can speak English and ๆ—ฅๆœฌ่ชž.

I like to write (essays and music) and discuss art and mediaโ€”anime, film, literature, music. I care about semiotics, culture, linguistics, critical theory, and decolonization. I enjoy building communities and I care deeply about the political organization of people of color.

I'm a synthesist anarchist. I don't get along with authoritarians.

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White people invoking "white women" in a tone of annoyance as if they experience oppression along that racial vector is ... frustrating.

I have to laugh at how white people explain white supremacy and its features to themselves. Rhetoric along the lines of "white privilege means ... but white privilege does not mean white people don't face hardship, &c."

I wish I was that concerned with designing rhetoric that speaks truth to power (whiteness) in a form as palatable to white people as possible, lol.


Otherization is always a negative cultural phenomenon in the context of a society that places supreme value in whiteness, which otherization expands distance away from. It is in this sense that we can talk about "otherization" as not a thing that "offends" people, but a vector for structural harm.

Tired of seeing arguments about what racist caricature "offends" who, or racists pointing to cherry-picked individuals with stoic representations of a marginalized group (one such utility to whiteness of tokenization) so as to somehow demonstrate a lack of harm.

Don't center your anti-racism in this pretense of "offense." Center it in the material harm propagated by racist representations. Then you circumvent such, frankly, boring arguments.

It's wild to me how white developers can have like, 6 different gigs in the span of 7 years. That's extraordinary.

But then again, maybe it isnt.

It's easy for white devs to go from gig to gig b/c white-run companies will take a chance on them whether they suck or not.

Meanwhile I've met black people in tech who've been clutching the same gig for YEARS, b/c being out of work means searching for another job for-fucking-ever.

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Dear white people: comparing racism to literally anything but racism never works and shouldnโ€™t ever be attempted

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People should have space to learn, improve, right wrongs, &c. This does not mean harmed people have to forgive them. People should have the autonomy to disengage from people that have hurt them, and it should be recognized that that does not violate the former point.

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