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A reintroduction, as I seem to have gained followers lately:

I'm Jun. Half-Japanese, half-Iraqi, agender, ADHD, writer, musician, sometimes artist. My interests lie in linguistics, social theory, critical race theory, decolonization, media studies, philosophy, literature, paranormality, Y2K aesthetics... it goes on. And on.

I'm an anarchist. I tend not to get along with non-libertarian strands of Marxists, but I have and will probably continue to make exceptions.

I like sharing art and media.

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job seeking & career building as a black person feels so dehumanizing sometimes. literally the only career opportunities i've had are from other black and brown people, or once in a blue moon white people that are actually proven allies (not just say so) and have consistently backed it up with tangible actions. we really have to support each other and create opportunities for each other otherwise nobody else will

Gentrification also increases police presence in poor neighborhoods—a perhaps under-discussed consequence of city governments encouraging affluent whites to settle in these districts. In addition to skyrocketing (to unaffordability) property values, we see in gentrified neighborhoods a dramatic increase in police violence as scared whites call the police on Black and Brown people. This leads to the deaths of even more poor, working-class PoC.

I want to see some writing on *that*.

every few years a white person thinks they can end racism by pretending to be a different race

@nothingwindsky not sure where that thread is but I still have this link pulled up that I'm pretty sure was posted in it...

I kno we’ll never actually have this discussion, because the Fedi has an aneurysm every time, but Anti-Blackness is the most widely acceptable and prevalent form of bigotry in the PoC community. That’s just a reality.

@imani The thought that racism can "die out" in passivity, without changed attitudes and behaviors by people to actively kill it, is one that ultimately benefits the longevity and lasting hegemonic presence of whiteness.

we will not, as a society "Age out" of racism. Activating the 18-40 voter block will not magically wipe out racists voters. Even if you are not *as* racist as your parents doesn't mean there aren't tons of racist folks successfully passing on their values to their progeny.

You do not get out of addressing these systemic issues by waiting for old bigots to die.

SA mention. 

You know it's a good book when you have to pause to see if you'll tear up or not every so often.

Personally, Kicking You;re Ass If You Put Java Script On You're Web Site

Literary, depression. 

Literary, depression. 

If ur saying Black folks pointing out ur privileged blind spots is “Letting the Whites win” please remove your anti-Black ass from my sight eternally. Hope y’all see this cuz I’m saying it as hard as I can.

Gender thoughts. 

Gender thoughts. 

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