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A reintroduction, as I seem to have gained followers lately:

I'm Jun. Half-Japanese, half-Iraqi, agender, ADHD, writer, musician, sometimes artist. My interests lie in linguistics, social theory, critical race theory, decolonization, media studies, philosophy, literature, paranormality, Y2K aesthetics... it goes on. And on.

I'm an anarchist. I tend not to get along with non-libertarian strands of Marxists, but I have and will probably continue to make exceptions.

I like sharing art and media.

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We have a right to our own narratives. We do not have a right to others'.

I'm BORED! And I want to WRITE! So I'll tell you what we'll do: If you can prove you've given 18 Dollars to Let My People Go - The New York Immigrant Freedom Fund, I'll write 200 words on your topic or prompt of choice!

I have important ideas about culture and I need to write them down before someone else does.

acab corvid meta 

If you're looking for reading material now that you're at home more, I got some things you *might* like

Pdf's are only available atm, for obvious reasons

re: fedi wide responses to racism 

fedi wide responses to racism 

Fanon sums up my feelings abt โ€‹posts regarding โ€˜abolishing bordersโ€™

โ€œTo dislocate the colonial world does not mean that once the borders have been eliminated there will be a right of way between the two sectors. To destroy the colonial world means nothing less than demolishing the colonistโ€™s sector, burying it deep within the earth or banishing it from the territory.โ€

BC after the border is gone, there is still settler colonialism. SO ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€‹

Carefully navigating a conversation where a white friend makes another Picrew of herself tanned darker than she is โ€ฆ

Trans Woman seeking help 

We're like a few months away in the co-opting chain from white women inventing "misogyblanc."

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