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I'm Jun. Iraqi Arab and Japanese second-generation immigrant. Agender (ey/em or they/them). Neurodivergent. I can speak English and 日本語.

I like to write essays, make music, and discuss art and media—anime series, films, novels, albums. I'm interested in semiotics, culture, linguistics, media/lit. theory, and decolonization. I enjoy building communities and care deeply about the political organization of people of color.

I'm an anarchist. I don't get along with authoritarians.

Just watched Inception (2010) with some friends. Good! 3.5/5.

Statism's interesting but I don't see it working on a national/global scale. 🧐

I am going to watch Evangelion together with J today and if anything stops us it's a manifestation of gendered racism, of racist queerphobia.

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One of the great crimes of modernity has been the luring of the people into electoralism, the investiture of hope in politicians. Hope is a spiritual practice. It is a material practice to, we invest in visions of the future that we hope for. And we have allowed people to accrue brutal, vicious, violent power through our praxis of hope. It is sick.

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Voting Is Not Harm Reduction 

So, this speedrun of Pokémon Emerald (2004) is in its own speedrun category for "All Gold Symbols" and is over nineteen hours long. And the first split is titled "Champion," lmao.

Now both my grandparents have added me on Line, meaning I can—with some minor navigation in the timezone difference—talk with them much more often.

I should take a break from practicing Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) because my thumb is beginning to hurt (indication of bad form? I hope it's a simple fix that doesn't involve rewriting much muscle memory), but this is sad because it's fun.

It also ought to be noted that I don't necessarily get along with all anarchists—far from it, in fact. But it's a baseline ethical commonality that I seek in people who are interested in discussing politics.

Though, this is slightly tongue-in-cheek, because I do happen to have friends who are not anarchists, but my friendships with these people are not predicated on a shared politic; I am moreso trying to communicate that a non-anarchist politic is an easily identifiable reason for me to disagree with you.

When I say "I don't get along with authoritarians" I hope you understand that I am referring to not only authcoms but also all non-anarchists.

sometimes white people will say "sounds about white" or something else that makes them sound so self-aware but really if they wanted to seem self-aware they would forfeit the resources they hoard but then someone points this out and they feel bad so they boost this post

if one more white radlib twitteroid declares not voting for biden as something only privileged people do...

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Latinx was created by South am queer lesbians and it was first published academically by Puerto Ricans.

Spanish speakers from various places are using e in lit and speaking to help normalize neutrality, including here in Spain.

Its v diaspora driven but don't think it don't exist or get used out of usa

Lastly, ngl I helped influence the use on Birdland, or so it's been said 😇

installed line to talk to my grandfather. did some kanji study. listened to ground-zero. practiced melee techskill. i'm doing well

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i am alive and playing a lot of melee and listening to music and reading

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