i have a video chat date with one of my oldest friends (we met 23 years ago) and for some reason i'm nervous.

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selfie, ec, boosts ++ 

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selfie from last year 

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stream announcement w/ eye contact 

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Hey everyone, my name is Sam Hill. I'm a mixed-raced, status Kanien'kehá:ka from the Six Nations of the Grand River Rez, Turtle Clan. Queer musician and artist. I'm mostly working with sculpture and painting right now but I LOVE playing around with anything I can get my hands on. Gotta keep it fresh and new, right? :blobcatfingerguns: I write, play and sing my own music.

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new habit? 

now i’m procrastinating on a shower 🧼

body fluid 

so valid point from this first person ngl. but the response had me crying lol. 😭

worst of all is she really does the toxic positivity bs of: “people’s hate has nothing to do with me and means something is wrong with them.”

but like, they are calling you out my b??? so that isn’t hate.

the screenshot was captured by someone on birdsite, i did not do the labor of going thru this woman’s comments.

🤦🏽‍♀️ like *she* is the colonizer i swear ww are on another level of denial.

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