Never attribute to ignorance what is clearly malice

Since I've gotten back to the States in 2017, I've been in the vicinity of three mass shootings, all of them have been racist white dudes.

No, I'm not going to be nice and cordial talking about how white people are literally mowing people down because of a completely imagined threat.

If this offends you, go ahead and hit that unfollow button because I'm not going to stop.

Black and Brown folks are trying to live through fear everyday. I could give a fuck less about white feelings.

Mass Shootings and white supremacy Show more

Mass Shootings and white supremacy Show more

Ha, of course, there's always gotta be the YOU'RE THE REAL RACIST white guy that tries to justify hate crimes.

You ever notice how white guys can understand the violent angst of white dudes who *feel* they are being oppressed, but absolutely refuse to empathize with the anger and rage of people that have actually been oppressed for centuries?

That is a willful and purposeful denial of respect for the base humanity of someone they simply don't like.

That's called racism.

That's the difference between them and us.

I might dislike you, I might loathe your thoughts and opinions and yes, I probably will stomp you out if you step to me with the intent to cause harm, but I will *never* deny someone's humanity. Ever.

One of my strongest beliefs is that we're better together. I believe in the nature of community and collaboration.

If you don't, that's fine. You're still a person and that's your right.

This concept is foreign to people that id as white.

We're just trying to build better communities and opportunities for not only us, but the people that come after us.

We just want to make places where everyone and not just mediocre white folks can feel validated, seen and heard.

For whatever reason, this literally infuriates white people, to the point where it is imperative for them to dedicate themselves to try to disrupt what we do, even at great cost to themselves.

Their obsession with causing harm is the problem, not us.

There is nothing we do that justifies the constant stream of hateful violence that comes from white people against us. Nothing.

If you believe there is, that's because you're a mother fucking racist and a piece of shit just like these asshole carrying out hate crimes.

It costs one nothing to just go away and mind their business. One can believe whatever they want.

The issue is that white people simply can't let us be.

That's why I'm *always* gonna call that shit out.

They are THE problem.

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At least I'll try to recruit parents who are interested in organizing.
So that's always fun. 🤗

Today is the kids' open house. 😩
It's tew hot outside.

Intersectionality was a framework created and developed by Black women to study the ways in which Black women are affected in society.

Weaponizing it against Black women and then WOC is ugly.

One of these days, we gotta pull William onto PV. What say yall?

William Richardson/🐦DecolonialBlack is breaking down so many things in this Left POC podcast. I love him so much.

Today is the birthday of legendary anti-colonial theorist, #FrantzFanon.
His thinking continues to inspire leaders, activists, students, teachers and academics around the world.
Take a look at his legacy! #OnThisDayInBlackHistory

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