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ok its almost GW2 time, i need to grab everything i need bc my next break isn't going to be until.... 11:30-midnight 🤔

why should LGBT spaces cater to trans and non-binary people? 

i remember i did long ago on my shitty laptop and i only had like 2-3 people show up, lmao xD

WIP, my art 

Yeah you both better boost that, you cursed beings đź’–


The 2019 #Ace Community Survey is going on! It's open to anyone 13 or older, ace or non-ace. (Also I'm like a month late with this and the survey is only planned to run until November 30th, so get your responses in now!)

Click here to take the survey:

There's an FAQ here:

Please boost! :boost_ok:

#asexual #queer

(I'm not affiliated, but as far as I know there's no official toot to boost so I wrote my own.)

Polyamorous queer culture is gushing to someone who you share a crush with about how cute the cush is.


family stuff, alch (-) 

*slaps roof of a comic book store* this bad boy can fit so many anime in it

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