Can I just say that people who feel the fucking need to just be gatekeepy af should just go choke?

Its bad enough for years, I feel like I had to be something that really didn't "fit" into a box that I like so people don't like push me out, I'm slowly getting to a point where I don't give a shit

But now seeing these white queers thinking they can push folks out because they ain't fitting into their little neat boxes make me sick

Why the fuck do you care what someone call themselves to make them comfortable?

Going on Twitter and seeing the amount of white queers that feel the need to just foam at the fucking mouth and scream and go so far as to try and design a fucking flag to push out people who don't fit into their fucking boxes make me fucking sick

And I'm about fucking fed up with these fucking losers

Get a fucking hobby, find something postive to do in your life.


If I want to call myself a pan lesbian, what the fuck you gonna do?

Harrass me? Call me names? Threaten me? Who the fuck you think you are?

At this point i called myself that because it fits, it feels just about right? Shit is complicated.

NOW I'm just doing it out of fucking spite because fuck you, that's why.

I'm fucking TIRED

I can only think about the fucking queer kids growing up to see these just gross ass people telling them "lmao you can call yourself that, that doesn't make sense"

And them not saying shit and having to squeeze into a box they probably don't feel comfortable with. Like?

Fucking christ

I'm not sorry because honestly I've sat around fuming for WEEKS and now I'm fucking tilted 😤


Don't let fucking anyone, cis or not try and tell you who you can't be

The only person who can tell you that is YOU

If that fucking bothers you, that's a you problem, not me

I'm fucking happy exploring who I am, I'm not letting these white queers try and keep me out, fuck them, lmao

I'm done, no I'm not replying to anything said on this thread, I've said my fucking peace and I'm done


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