mmmm i can enjoy skullgirls in crisp clicks tongue 1080p now

"And, for everyone who expressed opinions about the SonicFox NPC, good news!" 

OH MikeZ replied to the person who was like

"being spiteful to the consumer base is unprofessional"


love the people screaming that they're "toxic" and haven't given anything to back up those claims

when the people who've been literally screeching since their OC's inclusion have been nothing but queerbashing racists 😪

but go off i guess

anyways the high key pettiness (which i'm here for) from this update log was funny, seeing these chodes crying about it is funny

and me having the overwhelming urge to go back into the game and wanting to learn it is just the icing on this cake

also the shadow thing was a legit complaint folks have so i mean what are you bitching about fam?

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