Why is some white creepy ass sexual predator trying to dictate that Black folks "ain't Black" because folks are choosing to vote for his opponent.

Even Black folks don't need to erase other folks Blackness because of who they vote for. Cut that shit out and shut the fuck up, creepy cracker.

Literally stay in your fucking lane you fucking racist. God I wish Biden eat shit and die already


If you out here trying to say folks "ain't Black because X"

Shut up

If you white as freshly laid snow, you def need to keep your fucking trap up and eat shit. Who asked you? Silence does you good.

Am I gonna raise an eyebrow knowing that my people voting for someone who will continue to put that fucking boot on the back of our necks, damn right I will.

Will I go out of my way to erase their Blackness for that, lmao No.

Nether should you.

BESIDES pops tongue you ain't better, liberal scum, lmao

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