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Patreon/donation link stuff, wahoo. 

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I'm Melanie Mae. I'm a nonbinary femme & my pronouns are (currently) xey/xem (

If i'm not doing art or screaming about my (bad) mental health stuff, I'm probably gushing about idol game nonsense or about my adorable af partners.

Uhhhhhhh i think that's it. That's all i got fam, that's pretty much me, lmao

I don't mind follows, just be nice and not a fascist and we'll be cool =u=

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I changed my pronouns to Xey/Xem for the time being to give them a spin

Like a new used car with not so many miles on it

Just to see if it'll stick.

Donation links, birthday prep, :boost_ok:​ 

Moderates/liberals are the enablers of fascists.

Fortnite having a contest to add an emote of your creation to the game. Not satisfied with stealing works from others and overworking their staff they want free labor now too.

Hey if you willingly let fucking fascists in your groups

I hope you fucking choke

This selective wokeness and intermittent abuse amnesia on the TL needs to quit. If y’all can recognize transphobic dog whistling and give me the ableist intercultural etymology behind everyday words, you can figure out what Colorism looks like 🙄.

doesn’t fabreeze over ur own bullshit making our lives actively harder.

begpost/ missing wallet and cards update 

I don’t trust instances with 0 active Black users tbh.

Educating white people is a dangerous gambit: they may kill you, then use your words to espouse virtues they don't believe in. #mlk

The fedi version of a blue check rage-quitting and writing a huge medium article about the brutality of online mob justice is corncobbing yourself and then rage-quitting back to twitter to complain about wokescolding.

lazyweb, request for history book recommendations 

1. MLK jr. Quotes that fly in the face of the white liberal 

Wait are White mf for REAL talking about Indigenous human sacrifice when the US still has the fucking DEATH penalty 🤨??? Bitch sit down when ur governors are still forcing doctors to break their Hippocratic oath so they can sacrifice other human beings to their God of Vengeance 🙄. The US is one of the few countries where you could be having ur prostate examined by a mass murderer of the state.

When was the last time you cited black woman? Or an indigenous woman in ur theory?

being totally unaffected by the great white masto exodus back to the great land of twitter where you can have all the freeze peach you want, because my mufos have that juicy big brain i crave 😏

How do white women reconcile their need to talk to the manager when the manager's black?

gonna tap into my inner Karen and just make a bedazzled jean jacket or some shit

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