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$$$ help, boosts appreciated 

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Oh in case anyone missed this last night:

Switch FC: SW-2463-2924-4997

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Introduction :boost_ok:​ 

Hurry up and be fast internet, I wanna watch streams and pass out

was gonna do a run or 2 but now i'm just unmotivated and tired

so i think I'm gonna get ready for bed @.@

ugh i hate when i eat dinner and immediately feel sleepy after

So far this year Mozilla has: Discontinued Firefox Send and Notes, laid off employees, announced they're shifting focus away from their web browser, introduced Mozilla VPN (reskinned Mullvad with Mozilla telemetry), Firefox Monitor (all breaches sourced from haveibeenpwned), and introduced "Firefox Private Network" (a VPN that isn't Mozilla VPN, only works with Firefox Desktop, and uses Cloudflare).

I believe this is what you call a "lack of direction"

re: food 

food, meat 

Just got the last remaining skills for rex and loader and the last 3 items i had left to unlock xD

!!! i found a save editor for RoR2 👀 i could technically unlock everything

Skye is at my campsite and I'm upset i can't have them on my island for good ; n ;

I'm also too attached to everyone here already angry sobbing

Gesturing at news headlines at random at a public newspaper kiosk and loudly proclaiming to anyone who walks by:
"THAAAAAT'S ECONOMY, SISTAH" in a faux new-york accent

Looks like the island i went to has untimed trips now, so I'll def take advantage of that when i have the money 👀

twitter stop showing my ex as a recommend follow, I'm begging you

Carrd, what's the point of giving me an option of doing alt text when you only allow about 430-ish characters?


Pray that the next dragon age game is good so i can start writing again, lmao

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