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Kinda urgent $$$ assistance :boost_ok: 

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One thing I hate about spring & summer is that the storms just seem scarier each year :/

Storm woke me up and I think there is hail again, either that or that's some fat ass rain =n=

i wanted to try and get that last scout 11 ticket in the little board game thing before the campaign ended, but i refuse to spend 25 more gems to get a flower =n=

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relationships, love, and mental health 

looking for someone with a thicc

bank account

Joined the discord server because I'm interested, I'm too poor for animal crossing, lmao

re: food, mh ( a tiny bit positive) 

For many white people the ultimate crime of Black people is lack of docility, the assertion of their own humanity, self-love, and dignity. Black self-assertion threatens whiteness because the latter is an identity built on a rotten foundation of subjugation and control. Whiteness has hollowed out white people's identities and cultures, leaving them unable to feel good about themselves unless the Other epitomized by Blackness is torn down and trampled underfoot.

If whiteness is core to your identity, you need to re-evaluate what makes you you, cuz beliefs like white supremacy are not part of who anyone is.

Your identity is something that can't be taken away, and whiteness can be taken away the moment you lift a finger against white supremacists. Italians aren't white, at least in the classical sense. Irish and Scottish people aren't white, either. The Aryan definition of "white" includes having blonde hair and blue eyes too. Anything else is tainted.


somebody out there rn about to go "well I don't have to uwu"

i feel it in my bones

idc how important it is, i'm literally mentally tired and sick of politics.

a reminder to properly CW your politics posts

untagged stuff just bypasses the filters :/

ok i'm gonna disappear again, i was just really excited for the poll results =u=

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