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Ok so, as of right now, I'm no longer accepting follow requests. If I've interacted w/ you long enough somewhere else, preferably OUTSIDE of masto, then I'll accept

doing this out of mental health and safety reasons.


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I don't regret any of the last 3 years as a Masto admin because I learned a ton of shit and met a lot of really cool people I wouldn't have otherwise.

Running Social has also given me much confidence in my ability to build and manage my own community, which I will always be grateful for.

But I can no longer use a platform in good conscience that has proven to have no interest in the safety or concerns of marginalized and targeted communities.

So it's just time to move on.

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So PV is moving away from Mastodon because it's a flaming pile of horse shit but we're still gonna be around as we continue to push forward with our own community until the new platform gets done.

Social is gonna be up for another few weeks before I take it down and focus on internal projects so if you'd still like to support and stay updated on the latest check out

For the good folks that don't like Patreon use or $Are0h at CashApp

y'all will never fucking know the feeling of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because you feel like you are never "Black Enough" for anything

it's fucked

Then people commenting on Will and Jada's parenting style and honestly I haven't seen nothing but love and support for their "weird" children i wish i fucking had from my own parents

continuing to further prove their fucking point

Like it's rage inducing because i fucking feel the same way 99% of the time

You're not "Black" if you 'act*' a certain way

(*act 'white'... whatever that means)

They aren't being shunned for being weird, they're being shunned for "Not being Black Enough"

Let me tell you how hard i just cringed and felt super uncomfortable by Black folks on twitter getting defensive af to an article saying that the Smith Siblings felt 'shunned' by the Black community

and those same people continue to call them "weird" and basically downplaying their statement.

Even one person was like "well they were cool until they started being 'weird'"

the example:

Jadens crossdressing and them basically being around white folks when they were young

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Trying to talk to someone with a horrible delay is awful ; n ;

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stream promo 

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Reminder to please read peoples bios before sending any sort of follow request, lmao

It might have important information :>

being in rural VA sucks ass, get me out of here

I'm surrounded by white people who think that being a republican is a valid personality trait

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I JUST came back for that because I was THAT annoyed, it happens every time

White people LOVE that one Black person who is willing to eat the whole entire boot so they can go

"see there's ONE good Black, and they're eating my boot, isn't it great!"

Go back and make your wack ass family movies, my dude 😂

Why we always get rich Black folks like Ice Cube and Kanye thinking they can speak for all of us

You don't speak for nobody but yourself and your own self interests, get the fuck outta here

Apparently Ice Cube is trying to play representative for all Black people

One negro to rule them all I guess 🤷

and now I see other Black folks be like "why are you shaming him for helping y'all"

Lookin' like a prime A token 😂

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