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Patreon/donation link stuff, wahoo. 

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I'm Melanie Mae. I'm a nonbinary femme & my pronouns are (currently) xey/xem (

If i'm not doing art or screaming about my (bad) mental health stuff, I'm probably gushing about idol game nonsense or about my adorable af partners.

Uhhhhhhh i think that's it. That's all i got fam, that's pretty much me, lmao

I don't mind follows, just be nice and not a fascist and we'll be cool =u=

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I changed my pronouns to Xey/Xem for the time being to give them a spin

Like a new used car with not so many miles on it

Just to see if it'll stick.

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I’m not moved or impressed by dunking on low hanging racist fruit. Try exercising some impulse control and staying in your lane when Blk/Brwn people are speaking and I’ll golf clap.

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licking every doorknob i see to become immune to coronavirus

hey hot tip and gentle reminder to CW anything food and/or meat related

Not for me but you know, thinking about other people.


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you ever just leave your window open to give you an excuse to get snug under your blanket(s)?

lmao i love seeing Gamers get angry over games they probably was never the target of in the first place 😂

I won't send you nudes but I will let you know who is my favorite girl and I would die for her 24/7

looking for a rich white daddy to fund my horrible gacha game habit.

let me become the whale i was destined to be

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buck wild that whites desperately want to be like us, but try to tell us who we can and can't be, how we can express ourselves, all while appropriating our styles, and our language all while calling it "trashy" when we do it

Ain't it grand

Oh boy more white people telling Black students to cut their dreads off.

Fucking ugh

I had to listen to this white granny go "yeet" and " this is lit" in a propane commercial.

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I kno we’ll never actually have this discussion, because the Fedi has an aneurysm every time, but Anti-Blackness is the most widely acceptable and prevalent form of bigotry in the PoC community. That’s just a reality.

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Donation links, birthday prep, :boost_ok:​ 

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Moderates/liberals are the enablers of fascists.

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Fortnite having a contest to add an emote of your creation to the game. Not satisfied with stealing works from others and overworking their staff they want free labor now too.

Hey if you willingly let fucking fascists in your groups

I hope you fucking choke

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This selective wokeness and intermittent abuse amnesia on the TL needs to quit. If y’all can recognize transphobic dog whistling and give me the ableist intercultural etymology behind everyday words, you can figure out what Colorism looks like 🙄.

doesn’t fabreeze over ur own bullshit making our lives actively harder.

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begpost/ missing wallet and cards update 

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I don’t trust instances with 0 active Black users tbh.

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