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presenting Fixtodon, which fixes (see what i did there? ;)))) by allowing it to not explode when pleroma doesn't use integer IDs

Interesting discussion about YouTube's apparent algorithm change to no longer recommend certain conspiracy theory videos, and why that actually matters a lot:

We updated our readme! We'll be releasing v0.8.0rc1 later today 🎉 🚀 :pixelfed:

Would anyone be interested in a pixelfed hosting service? I think that will be my summer project. #pixelfed

2009: All I need is HTML and CSS to put a site!

2019: All I need is Docker, Kubernetes, Jekyll, Caddy, GitHub, macOS, 8 GB+ RAM, Chrome Canary, React and a Twitter account!

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh


diaspy, a python library for diaspora*, has far, FAR better documentation than
as in... it actually exists, and it's extensive, and every function is documented, and... :blobcatmelt:

honestly i wasn't expecting much from a diaspora* python client, since the diaspora* network is (i think?) a fair bit smaller than misskey's, but... damn


I propose to launch a campaign called #ShareATool.

Everyone can share their favorite #opensource tool(-s) that use on a daily basis as well as other interesting tools for your opinion.

No software categories. The main requirement is that the project must be open source.

And I think I'm gonna start.


#LeftTwitter please try and be considerate of bofa. You'll get the hang of it, I promise

Hello folks!

We're going to be taking the service down tomorrow to deploy some fresh updates!

We anticipate minimal downtime (no longer than a few minutes). We will post a warning 1 hour and 15 minutes before.

I live in constant fear of depleting the supply of UUIDs by generating them frivolously.

PSA: I have unfollowed @hackers_gifs - not because it's not awesome (it is), but because being constantly reminded of scenes from Hackers is making me less inclined to re-watch it.

I'm sorry, HACKERSBOT.

Good news, everything seems to be working ok on v0.8.0rc1 though I still have about 20~ commits to push before its ready. #pixelfed

Faces of Open Source

An Interview with photographer Peter Adams and his Portraits of Revolutionaries.
A fascinating look at some of the people who built the foundations of modern computing and who continue to build and raise awareness.

#FOSS #photography #portraits

Tip of the Day: If you have a #GoogleHome device, you should marry it so it cannot be compelled to testify against you in a court of law.

Try saying "OK Google, find me a civil celebrant nearby" to book an appointment easily.

Facebook announces Facebook for Dogs™

Facebook announces plan to rename company and entire service platform to "Facebook for Dogs™ for Humans™"

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