@ben I'm 100% porting lol. I don't have the time / funds / backing to do it from scratch. I was planning to port then define the client-side bits and see how feasible it'd be to implement a daemon.

Last night, I released SweetXheart, an autobiographical visual novel about race, gender, and microaggressions. I've been working on it in my spare time for 5 years and am happy to share it with all of you 💗

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this game, which talks about a formative point in my life. It is not perfect, but I am nonetheless proud of what it's become.

Play the game here (it's free!): catt.wtf/2RuTyjh

I'll have to work on that page as well as fixing up general presentation of my "tag" pages lol

Todd from Purism is guesting the latest episode of Late Night Linux.

They have a lot of great visions regarding privacy and convince. He talked a lot about offering a complete ecosystem based on open and decentralized services that's not locked into any hardware or platforms.

I hope that they can live up on all of it as well. I'm more than willing to pay for ethical, libre and secure convenience.

#Linux #Privacy #Purism

"Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilization."
--Peter Kropotkin

@61 I think my problem was highlighted implicitly here: playvicious.social/@jalcine/10

> Replace my need to use things like Google Maps Timeline and Location Sharing to my own system.

The implicit problem is me still having stuff with Google tbf but that's a general problem I conventionally highlight

I see a few familiar faces! If you're here, I'm -hiding- holed up to the center right of the auditorium

@61 I think it can (I don't know for sure, I'm going to have to test it) because of it's serialization friendly (for single point check-ins as well as showing a route / distance over time). I could be wrong. I also see it in a lot of services I use (Nextcloud's suite of tools for one) so I'm aligning on non-greenfield stuff.

"Where are you from?"

This question really depends on who's asking it.

Freezing rain after it's snowed is just nature saying fuck you. "Now let's seal all the snow in ice!"

hmm whats going on with operating systems? the only os that #respecting #women is #arch #linux

@lynnesbian my carrier, no matter where I am:
Me: Gimme 4G
Phone: Reception: [▓▒░░░░] :blobcat:
Me: Fine. Gimme 3G.
Phone: [▓▓▓▓▓▓]▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ :blobcatfingerguns:
Me: Well.. atleast it's well covere-
Phone: Now dropping to 1G :blobcatsip:

Cis men wanna make a statement about men?

Stay in your lane by specifying cis men!

:promoted: Promoted

@61 I'm aiming to replace my need to use things like Google Maps Timeline and Location Sharing to my own system. I also want to record trips made by different modes of transit and occasionally display them on my site.

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