Beginning the stubbing of my GitHub account. I run my own Git server and it has support for signing in with GitHub for those who _really_ need it so there’s no need for me to keep using that site (outside of the need to work with the centralized open source community).

Going to REALLY stick to my stances this time. (

Browsers are big:

Let me add a few numbers to these points:

WebKit's JavaScript engine is 467,658 LoC (over 400,000 is C++) across 2,923 unique files
Layout, Rendering, JS APIs, etc: 1,115,597 LoC (over 900,000 C++) across 9,260 unique files
Embedding & I/O: over 337,139 (over 320,000 Objective-C & C++) across 3,402 unique files
"WebInspector": 203,318 LoC (over 150,000 JS) across 1,117 unique files.


I have some links of my own but I’m trying to build a larger list. Reply to this if you know of an example / case of someone of an oppressed/marginalized group being discriminated against online (on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, OkCupid, etc). (

Leftist open-source developers are like "fork around and find out"

Important announcement from @torproject about the deprecation of v2 onion services:

v3 onion addresses are recognizable by their 56 character identifier. They provide better security and anonymity protections than the previous version.

If you're running a SecureDrop instance and are still on v2, please see our docs for switching to v3, or enabling v3 alongside v2.

Is there a company that makes good Linux laptops that has a company culture that's pro-diversity and anti-harassment as opposed to "we're a bunch of straight white men who think free speech trumps everything"?

Asking for a friend

The friend is me the next time I upgrade my comp

Capitalists: collective ownership will lead to the tragedy of the commons! There is totally good reason to believe this!
Also capitalists: *campaign to remove fishing quotas and everything else meant to ensure production is sustainable*

You know, I’m not against the concept of application notarization - it’s a big thing right now in the F/LOSS world because of the advent of things like Flatpak, Snap and AppImage. But the fact that

1. we have so many sandboxing options and
2. we have different package delivery solutions

Makes it more annoying for end users to have to handle whatever comes down from developers that they get software from. ElementaryOS has been tackling this in a very aggressive…

Reminder that "stupid" is ableist and terrible and implies that there is something wrong with not being neurotypically "intelligent."

My fellow Linux nerds.

When #MicrosoftEdge comes to Linux, will you use it?

@cj @shibacomputer What do you disagree with? TBH, this knocks it out of the park?

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