If @purism gets to Dogwood and there are reports of major hardware issues with that batch, I will cancel my order and wait for the PinePhone, but I don't expect that to happen.

Do you enjoy reading small diffs? Voting? Living in the East Bay? Making housing permanently affordable?

You may be interested joining The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative!

#EBPREC #coops #housing #oakland

Can you all do me a big favor please? Click through to the story and use the Medium app to ‘clap’ for the story. It helps me get more visibility on the site and potentially get paid more through Medium’s revenue sharing feature. I would *really* appreciate it also. :goose_peek:

Is anyone taking a #pine64 #pineTime or #pinePhone to #36c3?
If you do I would like to meet you :3

> #PineTab early adopter per-orders likely in January ; New keyboard ; LTE/ SSD adapter


The eagerness that they have is that it allows for developers to handle packaging themselves versus either waiting for a distro to pick it up or having to handle with the whole act of building an application. Which is wild to me, the whole format they’ve used for Flatpak could have served as a meta-layer to generate files for each platform instead of creating a new one. (v2.jacky.wtf//post/da6661c6-27)

Flatpak is a bad idea.
AppImage is a bad idea.

Bringing pure binary approaches (no fetchable sources via same means) to software deployment in F/LOSS is going to splinter communities and make debugging and licensing even MORE of a burden (v2.jacky.wtf//post/5c7ac97d-a4)

As easy as it seems for people to “install” applications with Flatpak, AppImage and snap; I still do NOT think nor would I personally consider distributing my software with it. We should have spent more time working to improve package management instead of reinventing a well that breaks F/LOSS development for the sake of the developer.

But that begs the question - are you developing software for kicks and giggles? Or are you aiming to provide software for people? This… v2.jacky.wtf//post/7d025269-3f

Of course this means I'll have to upgrade my hardware so I have a workhorse production station for video, music and podcasting but it'll be worth it to be able to consistently get our thoughts, ideas, shenanigans etc out there.

Social has served it's purpose as a means to carve out our own particular niche in the fedi, so now it's time to push even more with some original content so folks can really see what direction we're going in.

Ha, the work never stops.

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So much fantastic insight, critical social theory and cultural discussions come out of PV on a daily basis to the point I'm going to shift a lot more to creating content in the next few months.

My biggest thing is infrastructure because I want us to be in full control of the content we put out, but that's going to be an ongoing process anyway, so I need to start balancing it out with more content creation.

There's just so much to talk about.

Some straightforward steps on de-Googling the Web and optimizing for people and not metrics (which you can still collect, don’t let Google tell you otherwise). (v2.jacky.wtf//post/c1630f38-ff)

Mastodon is becoming a cesspool of thoughtful culture commentary

Spotify should have made this more easier to share / browse. Woes of not owning this data, I guess. But the screencaps are awesome! This is also accurate (v2.jacky.wtf//post/9fb3ee27-61)

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