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angela bassett is not only an amazing actress, she also directed some of the episodes of american horror story and they're all ones i actually liked?? what the fuck?? is there anything this woman can't do?

Interesting! I can use Nextcloud as a AP provider

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The computer science concept of NaN was invented by Alan Turing to represent Not all Nazis. Any expression with NaN always evaluates to false.



“If the term “working homeless” has not yet entered our national vocabulary, there is reason to expect that it soon will. Hidden within the world of homelessness has always been a subset of individuals, usually single parents, with jobs; what’s different now is the sheer extent of this phenomenon.“

Apparently seeing even a single project that would carry the F-Droid "promotes non-free services" anti-feature flag makes me unwilling to boost an open source developer's intro. Giving free help to non-free services is not really a community contribution.

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currently on twitter, there's "rumbling" about how YC still is failing to be inclusive

and those of us who have been just stop giving them money/hype/attention are looking at people like "stop it"

@Gargron an automated tool - I sync my maildir from my server to my computer every hour (very oldschool, I know lol) and I got something I'd never expect to hit: 'Gab match over expected threshold'

largely a small script checking all of my access logs and comparing it against fail2ban

No one is saying M4All is more important than climate change, justice reform, citizens united etc. What we ARE saying is sick people cant get into the streets, sick people can’t unionize, sick parents can’t fight to live AND fight for their childrens´ futures. How do you organize when you’re on chemo, trying to keep your job, fighting medical bankruptcy, possibly while also raising a family?

@denikombucha One of the issues Erica Garner was raising awareness about was the impact of 0 health/mental health care on activists and organizers. It was 3 YEARS until she saw any financial support from the civil lawsuit. 3 YEARS of fighting while pregnant, while raising her children, while watching her father’s death so many times she just had to see it as a case study and not her father. She spoke about how long it took to finally be able to see a therapist she desperately needed.

Organizers are dying or falling ill left and right and it doesn’t get spoken about. We’re not justice machines cranking out resistance. This level of stress, anxiety, and police/systematic brutality has a heavy price on the human body and mind. Activists are not consumables to be used up, thrown away, and be replaced with a younger model.

I don't know why this scared me but I got an alert about my site and services being visited by G*b users and I panicked.

Like I can protect myself from then, but how could others who don't know what I do?

Working on the pre-script for my next video (finally). Discarded about 7 hours of footage over the last few week now.

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