Emission nebulae (such as M8 - shown) are clouds of mostly hydrogen gas that glow by their own light. The light is created when light from stars embedded in the nebula excite the electrons in the gas. When the electrons return to a rest state they emit the light we see. #astrophoto

ok okay it's directly on the `mix` approach.

hmm. I'm thinking about using / optimizing for releases in the future

@brainblasted oh I'm talking of a specific thing to Elixir (like building a binary release of the project)

It's Follow Friday! #ff #followFriday

@ansuz - Creator of @cryptpad, an awesome open source encrypted alternative to Google Docs!

@tom79 - Fedilab developer who is adding first class pixelfed support to the mobile app!

@Curator - Curator/Admin of mastodon.art, a great instance for artists of the fediverse!

@switchingsocial - An amazing collection of ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives

anyone got mem / cpu stats about their usage? also IIRC doesn't provide releases?

Durant just broke out the Infinity Gauntlet and was like ENOUGH

“The icons for Pop!_OS applications, files, and folders have been redesigned to complement GNOME’s icons under their new design guidelines. We’ve also removed custom icons for third party applications, keeping the authors’ design choices…” blog.system76.com/post/1842814

Did you ever notice that Google stopped telling you the part in brackets:

"Turn right at the fork and head w for x miles, in y hundred feet, turn right [at the name of where you will turn right at]."

Even if you look on the screen, which you should not need to do, Google will try to tell you the road that you're using to move towards which signs and places that are irrelevant in the grand scheme.

Google doesn't want you to learn to think about where you're going or where you are, because Google doesn't want you to know where you are going or where you are.

Want to learn more about ActivityPub, extensible file formats, and how parsing files is like learning another language? Check out this week's episode of Libre Lounge:


dwm (dynamic window manager dwm.suckless.org/) converted from C to (unsafe) Rust with c2rust running in Xephyr #Rust

The only thing the Notre Dame situation reminds me of is that we can absolutely fix crushing poverty and marginalization if we wanted to.

We just don't because it makes a handful of old white men wealthier.

Sometimes you just have to step back and laugh at how racist white people are.

It's the 21st century. We're exploring entirely new ways of personal expression while shattering identity norms that not only allows us to be freer as human being, but give us so many more avenues for connecting, relating and collaboration.

But white people want me to get hot and bothered about immigration that historically we ALL benefit from.

LOL, yeah, it's not funny. But that's why it's funny.

@Are0h I'm glad other people seem to be catching on to what you already know...

"The billionaires’ donations will turn Notre Dame into a monument to hypocrisy":

From what little I’ve read of the Mueller report so far, even with the redactions, the scope is incredible. If we were to find out all of this at once, it would be devastating. Anyone but Trump would’ve resigned.

@YaLTeR @alatiera What elementary does is label their own package repositories (.deb, and soon FlatPack) "curated", whilst still making the Ubuntu/Debian available with less promotion.

It seems to work very well there.

@alatiera I definitely do agree with you that blindly packaging apps made with a different system and UX guidelines in mind is a bad idea.

However, I don't agree that they should not be packaged _altogether_. This particular example is a web browser, so correct alternatives for the platform are available. But if the app is something more niche, like a native client for some web service, I can see people preferring a native client, perhaps looking broken, to using a web app in a browser.

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