Spotify should have made this more easier to share / browse. Woes of not owning this data, I guess. But the screencaps are awesome! This is also accurate (

It happened.
It's here.

My @PINE64 devkit is HERE.


Son, I was randomly checking if @medium supported any kind of user-friendly markup (it doesn’t, btw) and I noticed this class definition. If one had time, you could actually spec out what this means but who’s to say it wouldn’t change between builds? Interesting approach. (

Me watching this DISCOURSE go down on the TL on Twitter. You really love to see people listening after YEARS. (

Watching me live gets you content like this! Make sure to follow me at

(I promise once I figure out better self hosted live streaming, I will be mirroring to Twitch but less so)

Doesn’t even matter because I’ve been blocked since like 2014 from buying things with Google, lol. (

In order to get a free Google Home Mini from Spotify; you gotta give Google this information (probably so that the Home Mini can use it) but also God knows what else. (

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