Got a chance to test out @nolan's new swiping feature for !

This is on my _laptop_ under Chromium!

I went from 126/474 (~27% failing) to 55/483 (~12% failing).


I was trying to actually reduce the test count but whomp whomp, this is a bit of a win. A lot of meta tests (code that writes code that tests other code) hence the bump.

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Okay so boom.

~500 tests and a quarter are failing.

In relation to one of my pinned posts, I'm still trying to hash out what would be kinda interesting (to me) to talk about for extended periods of time.

All of this stuff is HYPER tech adjacent. And producing video is mad time consuming. Like this 45 second video ( took me about two hours (video balancing, stabilization, subtitle, post processing and takes).

I'm scared to do longer ones.

This breaks a notion in the spec that Link and Object types are disjoint (have nothing in common). They do - they're both in JSON and definable with a context/schema.

Adding support for custom endpoints into for and ! This way, you can get started with services / tools like, and for taking an independent approach to the Web _and_ own your responses via !

I've been experimenting with that over at and should have this out and tested in 0.0.3 of Koype. I think I'm overdue for a update ;)

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