So this morning, I was a bit frustrated with my Vim setup and decided to wipe it a bit and start over. I did some hard checks against defaults in Neovim and things I caught myself needing to use. That resulted in (also on GitHub but eh). I think that it’s light enough for anyone to use! Willing to help people who want to get into making Vim work for them too tbh (

@jalcine Thanks, picked up some things!

Is it good practice to set config variables before loading plugins? Or is it down to personal choice on how to organise things?

@freedcreative from what I know about the loading order (nothing is loaded or run until after init.vim is done being sourced); it doesn't matter!

@jalcine Cool, thanks!

So, do you just work with netrw for your file manager? No NERDtree or the like?

@freedcreative yeah no need for it for me tbh - I usually wanna find something _IN_ a file. if not that, using projectionist to do contextual switching has helped as well

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