Do we have open alternatives for self hosted video that isn’t PeerTube / specific to Web torrenting as a distribution angle? (

@jalcine The only one that I'm aware of is, but that's unlikely to be the right answer for your question.

@jalcine MediaGoblin is the only one that comes to mind for me. It isn't abandoned, but it seems to be relatively inactive.

Still could be worthy of getting revived

@Jacky Alciné @Craig Maloney ☕

Hubzilla and Zap both provide WebDAV backed cloud storage with integrated access control between these resources and the social networking interface.  If you upload directly into the post editor, an HTML5 media player is automatically inserted. Most public sites implement quota restrictions but if you self host there aren't any inherent size limits until you start hitting file system boundaries.

@jalcine for the technically inclined, a customized icecast ffmpeg setups might be an option. related resource requirements, difficulties, and outcomes linked

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