using hashtags as a means of content filtering is probably not going to be reliable in the fediverse but it's the most low-tech way.

content awareness as an algorithm and/or a service in clients would be more interesting (it could even be abstracted tbh)


I'd like for Mastodon to incorporate a functionality that treats hashtags like subreddits.

@wjmaggos So I kinda understand what you're saying but I don't lol. Like what are sub-reddits without the concept of Reddit? (Like niche multi-user timelines?)


when I open another tab in mastodon, it should look like reddit. the top rated stuff from the hashtags we follow based on who we're connected to, but we control the rating algorithm. it just re-orgs the same toots.

one problem i have with mastodon is managing the ongoing conversations. I think combining a reddit-like viewing system with the twitter-type feed and decentralization would make mastodon better than those two other services.

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