ext4 disk after a month of no usage: No errors!

NTFS disk after a month of no usage: plz check me, I so buggy.

If more games were on Linux, I’d have no reason to keep Windows to be honest. It’s like speaking English - forced adoption is the biggest reason why we speak it. (

@jalcine you forget that ext2/3/4 used to force a full fsck every X days or X mounts because the filesystem is so unreliable. From the current man page:

-i " interval-between-checks[d|m|w]"
Adjust the maximal time between two filesystem checks. No suffix or d will interpret the number interval-between-checks as days, m as months, and w as weeks. A value of zero will disable the time-dependent checking.

It is strongly recommended that either -c (mount-count-dependent) or -i (time-dependent) checking be enabled to force periodic full e2fsck(8) checking of the filesystem. Failure to do so may lead to filesystem corruption (due to bad disks, cables, memory, or kernel bugs) going unnoticed, ultimately resulting in data loss or corruption.
@jalcine the only reason it's disabled now on most distros is because too many people got pissed off that they blew their scheduled maintenance windows when upgrading/rebooting their servers. It used to take *hours* to fsck before ext4

@feld @jalcine

Yup, moved all my Linux boxes to XFS a long time ago, and I never regretted it.

@ParadeGrotesque @jalcine JFS was good too, but then a nasty kernel bug caused massive data loss which hit a friend and many others ... @SlicerDicer remembers
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