One very important component of a dish for Caribbeans is the use of Scotch bonnet peppers. I was hunting for it last night to make dinner in four markets and could NOT find it. Had to resort to a sauce but I was legit mad, lol. Spoke to one of the grocer to find out there’s some sort of bad blood with one of the sellers of it so it’s just _not_ available in some parts of Brooklyn. (

@jalcine Hanabero peppers are supposed to be close, but not as sweet. Maybe try swapping a habanero and sugar to taste?

@jalcine Of course, this assumes that habaneros are easier to find. In L.A. they are. IDK about the east coast.

The heat isn’t as smoky :(

I ended up getting the closest thing I could find with the Matouk sauces (

1. Only heard of Scotch bonnet peppers for the first time yesterday, and today you are making more interested. Since I have no chance to get some around me in a rural area but where people do grow lots of kinds of peppers, what would be close?

2. How did Scotch peppers end up as a requirement for Caribbean dishes when peppers originated around the Caribbean in the first place?
Ok, for question 2, I looked them up:

They got nothing to do with Scotland, they just look like a tam o' shanter hat...
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