Notes on escaping Google and Facebook as they continue their reign as superpowers on the Web as the US, China and Russia do in the offline work is key to note. The thing is, we can’t just throw everything away. We have millions of people locked in and borderline stuck. (

Like we should be investing in solutions that help people regain autonomy and maintain a sense of sovereignty. This is why I’m very interested in things like Purism, Pine64, System76 and the likes - they’re accessible software and hardware for people that give them choice. (

Yes, it takes a freaking small village to build things to the scale of Instagram or Twitter. But look at what that scale and reach produced or reinforced. Mass doxxing campaigns, people banished from the Web unable to work, optimization for the ruling class over the disadvantaged - it’s all trash! (


There’s people who are working on solutions for those willing to eject - choosing not to entertain this charade of “innovation” and “connectivity” and not forcing you to become a Luddite. It’s very possible - I do it everyday! Even right now. (

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