PeerTube but allowing for opting for streaming from local hubs instead of forcing p2p on people.

Like if instead of directly downloading to a browser, why not allow for a "community CDN" to hold video content? This is more pragmatic than having/forcing people into p2p (it's not like people keep their computers on 24 hours a day)

I would GLADLY use some of's proceeds to host servers in the US for this (one in PDT, CDT and EST) and let people p2p from those (and opt to go direct

@jalcine what's the reason you want to exclude using other people's computers as seeds? Connection privacy, or?

As I understand it now, you can set up a CDN to seed any videos you want (but you probably know this and I'm misunderstanding something(?))

@zatnosk Speed to device (and to make the transition more friendly for mobile devices - it's a lot easier to open up a HLS stream or direct MP4 stream that to have a bittorrent client running on a phone).

I'm more interested on bridging tools to today and moving people alone versus teleporting people to a new world

@jalcine Ah right. Yeah, that would very likely speed it up. And it's potentially less heavy on the connection for phones on limited networks.

@jalcine I was surprised peertube didn’t follow a federated distribution model.

@zee IIRC it can/does - if the instance you're on ( "follows" another one (; it can just pull and automatically peer that video out to people who ask for it.

Which is cool if is really close to you.

@zee yeah exactly - versus storing things on disk (although if has high bandwidth capabilities, it should be okay)

@jalcine If I liked video as a medium more I'd definitely be fucking with this, but I'm gonna keep focused on making payments self/community hostable for now.

@zee I feel you. I do think that they're pushing the envelope with video stuff - esp because what they're doing touches close to how Netflix distributes content over their in-house CDN solutions (that bit is pseudo public info because it was mentioned during a talk about their adaptive bit rate player)

Doesn't most fediverse implementation already support video? I know GNU Social does. I'm also fairly sure it supports having media on a separate subdomain
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