What’s an alternative to DNS that allows for self-moderation and openly accessible? The closest thing would be some sort of pet-name registry that ISPs and states could hold and people could opt to subscribe to. A bit similar to the Gossip protocol that Secure Scuttlebutt uses. (

Okay, I’m seeing some interesting stuff from a recent presentation at ICANN.

Who do I know working on things for GNUNet and/or Handshake? I’d really like to talk about implementing this for some consumer work I’m working on. (

@nikita thank you! this is something I want to make more simple for people to use.

@jalcine While I work on GNUnet, you should probably contact our mailinglist to reach all people working on the various subsystems or use irc (mailinglist is more reliable as in no waiting time) :)

@jalcine I've been trying to understand how Handshake is supposed to work *in practice* for some time now.

@steko In practice, lay people would be using Handshake's local name resolver on their machines to pick up these domain names (or applications would ship with them). And companies would be helping seed those resolvers with their root TLDs (like .mastodon or .pixelfed)

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