Things I definitely plan on building because it's largely for me but can be useful for others.

- (including a mobile app)

I'm still working on the hosted version of Koype as well as making it easy to run Koype on things like Heroku, Glitch and Dokku. I want it to be as simple as three pages. Because it should be.

After that, I'm going to spend time working on bridging it to the Fediverse. I'm not 100% sold nor do I have the resources to fully invest in ActivityPub but I can do interoperability. I don't want to lose the community I've grown with on here nor do I want to discard a year's worth of work.

That's what a lot of this boils down to though, interoperability. No one solid solution will be a clean fix - we should work as much as we can to make things work well for everyone to a point where people can't tell the difference.

That said, I want to see things like a SSB <-> ActivityPub bridge happening. Or a Dat(Unwalled.Garden) <-> ActivityPub bridge. Something that speaks on our ability to stay local and still speak to the outside world.

(I'm obviously looking into these things for the IndieWeb because of the ease for me to get into it)

That's something about the IndieWeb community I do appreciate. They acknowledge where they are and when bridging to other communities is necessary, they/we invest resources to do so!


Yeah, I'm going to condense these posts into a single post.

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