DNS is trash. It's also one of the greatest equalizers we have for people to use. You can resolve the world in moments using it. This is a side effect of its centralization though and the world does NOT want to move from it. How do we get past that?

I do see things like Secure Scuttlebutt being the answer for this. It's going to be very difficult to break completely away from a sense of centralization in a world that demands global interactions.

I had to think about it myself, I don't think I want DNS to fully go away. I do want it to be more resilient to people fucking with it which is happening with things like DoH and the likes. The normalization of alternatives needs to happen sooner than later though. Dat and IPFS are close to this but they prioritize on static delivery, which isn't how things are expected to work.


I'd love to see some sort of system that takes Dat/IPFS, SSB, ActivityPub and HTML to push the Web in a holistic way. I do want to be able to walk into a store with my phone and have devices acknowledge me SOLELY because of the information stored on my phone, not because of my device's UUID from Google. I'd love to authorize things using things I have on my person versus needing to trust large companies for this.

I'm very excited for the future when it comes to open and free platforms in software and hardware. I have ambitions to take everything I've learned and built back to Haiti to help the place (namely just a small city) become more resilient if climate change doesn't fully submerge the island.

I'm already experimenting with some of these ideas. And having trying out some of the merchandising features in macOS, the tight integration there, I can see that happening in a open fashion if people just implemented things holistically and not in a coddling fashion. This is my beef with a lot of the ActivityPub projects too - they tend to not allow for people to bring what they have and instead demand you adhere or be a second-class platform.

Which is not something I'm into at all.

This isn't a sell for the IndieWeb, it's on the complete opposite side. People are building specifically for them to avoid having anyone dependent on them too heavily _or_ might be building in a fashion that optimizes the reinforcement of what I'm against: giving people who want to turn us into currency generators another place to farm content from.

I didn't realize how much I tried to put on my plate when I began working on F/LOSS social software, to be honest. I just need one successful project to back everything else. Especially now, with the advent of F/LOSS hardware being a thing

@jalcine I like where your head is at! Thanks for articulating this.

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