Who's working on transactions in the fediverse? I keep seeing ACTUAL signs of people preparing to leave platforms like Patreon and the company getting ready to shake off lots of people.

If I had $30,000 a month to spend to hire people for talent, I would. And I'd spend it SOLELY on getting these foundational things going. We need:

- simpler ways to get money without relying on huge systems
- simple portability of one's identity
- flexible means of representing information that's friendly to a lot of tools for social interactions

@jalcine an express app that serves up a stripe One time payment page that runs on glitch should be an afternoon of prototyping.

The hard part is multiuser and subscription support

@zee my thing is making those subscriptions exist _without_ the app (people keep suggesting blockchain and I knee jerk hard against it lol)

but to your point yeah; that's very quick to scaffold and get going

@jalcine I’ll bet we could get a glitch remixable subscription supporting one page app up without too much trouble

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