I wrote about how we, F/LOSS lovers, need to drop toxic 'heroes' and need to either reform or move on from organizations that WON'T help v2.jacky.wtf/post/intersection

@jalcine If people are going to have "heros" how about picking better ones. Miguel de Icaza, for example...

@jalcine How has he left? He works at MS now ... And has been active in getting C#, .Net Core, Xamarin open sourced, and developed in the open. The he no longer is in the GNOME Foundation or .Net Foundation boards is a good thing. He's made space for others, unlike some Dicks.

I've been pointing to him as the sort of leadership we should collectively want since the mid-1990's. I stand by that.


@tfb I didn't know that - thank you for educating me. I need to read up on him - a lot of my knowledge is heavy Debian + KDE stuff

@jalcine 😁👍

I thought you might've been throwing shade for him being at MS. From Midnight Commander, to being a big proponent of Linux in the Third World, to Gnome, to Evolution, to Mono, to Xamarin and F#, to OSS C# and .Net Core, he's had a really impressive FLOSS career (and career by any measure).

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