Stop using Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is moving to remove autonomy from Web users. Excuse me while I purge it from my machines. Please remember - it’s a “open source” “project” (commerically provided product) whose goal is to not to “affect our [Google’s] ability to customize ads and/or could block ads online, which would harm our business” (from their SEC 10-K filing).

Google Chrome is not built for people; it’s built for Google, by Google. You are their bank.

@jalcine so they're actually going through with the Manifest v3 change. Incredible.

@jalcine Alternates to Chrome that run all the extensions and apps I have for chrome? Otherwise, can't switch.

@maverynthia I didn't know - that's why I asked. I don't use Chrome (haven't in ~4 years) but I'm sure there's equivalent ones at since the extension API are the same now.

@jalcine I rather not because it's going to be a long list of "Well use this this and this" and a response of "It doesn't have feature ABC"
Also one of the same extentions for Firefox just doesn't... work So there's that.


Wait so you don't wanna hear that but you almost had me do that for you?


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