lmfaoooo yo github came for OpenCollective's LUNCH

this is also GitHub doing too much. what was once a nice UI over a VCS tool is now becoming ... anything

@jalcine they're kinda eating everyone's lunch at this point. I'm worried they're just out here crushing everything they can with partial products? And then they'll stop supporting them once competition is dead?

@zkat they kept saying that Microsoft wouldn't influnece product direction but their current practices are VERY Extend, Embrance and (Enevelop|Extinguish)

@jalcine I think they stopped stressing about being able to stay afloat and are just exploding with product stuff now. I don't really get it, but EEE is definitely there as a possibility.

Weirdly, Microsoft itself seems to have calmed down about EEE recently. At least compared to before.

@zkat I think it might have silently been accelerated with their heavy pushes into bringing Linux "parity". At least to a point where people aren't attempting to wipe devices to run non-Windows but instead just use Windows solely and forget about the other stuff.

But yeah, I wish GitHub did the product stuff in a way that was semi external to GitHub

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