I'm pro-disable-incoming-replies-on-a-post-if-I-say-so.

Like you can "try" but that's not showing on my place.

This isn't in response to recent replies. It's more so that as the originator of a post, I'm not required to hold YOUR comments on my post. You can host them on YOUR site/place/blog but not on mine.

inb4 "free speech!"

I AM not a public service nor is speaking to me a constitutional right (in the US). It's a privilege (not in a snobby sense but that it's something I extend to you on my own agency).

I think to not accept this is to not accept my agency to control what I hear/see/say.

@jalcine YES. Some people want not just to speak but to force others to listen, which of course is entitled nonsense. I feel like there's a Black Mirror episode about this.

In the recent thread about commentsEnabled, the usual suspects made the usual arguments, but it comes down to "commentsEnabled = false" means that my server is willing to break federation by not threading replies.

On a personal level, "Don't @ me" means I'll block someone if they do. If that moves into the protocol layer, software that doesn't honor it will get blocked.

Not entirely sure if that's your context here, but... 😇

@jalcine i'm in favor of that as well, i just wish to see it expressed in a futureproof way.

@kaniini Yeah, same. I'm like babbling about it now because it's on the top of my mind. I've been doing some (very light) stuff with moderation in Koype (mainly black/white-listing) but that requires a bit too much intervention and isn't preventative.

@kaniini can you expand a bit on future proof? Like allowing the sender to potentially send content in the future?

@jalcine endorsed activities with proof objects, and endpoints to try to acquire proof objects. in AP terms.

@kaniini nice! this looks very flexible (thank god for not tying authorization too tightly to this) and future friendly (you could deploy this _today_ and provided it's permissive, other clients would just 'fail')

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