I really wish that the investments made into were being done into and pushing it further.

Imagine if people did that with HTTP. Non-backward-compatible changes to the spec out of the blue - it would be horrible. Matrix isn't a successor to IRC but it's touted as _the option_ :(


needs (needed):

* better clients
* soup-to-nuts setup of servers
* more servers implementing later specs of things that are 'trendy' and push more of the OCAP stuff it has

Like _can_ support things like typing notifications, reactions and the likes.

Just not 'chic' enough to be worked on :/ ircv3.net/specs/client-tags/re

's bridge doesn't even bother to implement these and instead floods channels with their "extended" messages :(

@jalcine Huh, I had no idea there was work being done on these for IRC. Do you know what the draft->standard flow usually looks like?

@trwnh @jalcine As someone who has been using IRC for 15 years, admining IRC nets for 10 years, and admining a synapse instance for 3 years, the last thing I want are typing notifications, reactions, and likes.

@trwnh @jalcine As long as I'm not forced to and can still use irssi :)

@trwnh @jalcine Can you point me at a network running those? I’d like to try them out.

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