Anyone has suggestions on mailing list support? I'm down to use something like Mailman tbh but I'd do my best to style the shit out of it.

@jalcine Mailman would certainly be my go-to for a mailing list. It implements best practices (though IMO it is too configurable in this area and lets you do some pretty terrible things too), and it is quite flexible. There are tons of hosted Mailman options if you don't want to host it yourself, too.

@freakazoid oh I never mind self hosting tbh. I might say fuck it and use that!

@jalcine I've looked at Murmur (open-source software from MIT, mailing lists with forums/moderation built in) and Topicbox (a commercial, hosted service that tries to be both mailing list and forum)
And what I really want is mailman hosting with simplified options and attractive, usable archives and I don't know where to find that.

@jalcine Mailman 3 has a Django front-end project called Hyperkitty that gives making list archives an easy-to-search web forum-like interface

@antonlopez @jalcine PHPLists is a totally different use-case from Mailman though, so it's like comparing a newspaper to a boxing ring. :-)

@antonlopez We might be talking about two different PHPList projects then. The one I mean is which is a “markteing newsletter” tool, meaning one-way email sending. This is, in my understanding, something vastly different from a tool for discussion mailinglists like Mailman, Schleuder or even Discourse which are two-way.
Sorry if I implied a certain PHPList tool which is different from the one you meant.


@jalcine We're running Mailman 3 with Hyperkitty (Archiver) and Postorious (Webinterface). While it has a lot of required benefits over Mailman 2, like DMARC mitigations, can be run on a different box/jail/vm/container than the MTA and many more, it's terrible to set up. (We're basically running HEAD from the Repo with our own fixes.)
Performance seems fine, but our few lists don't generate a lot of traffic either, so YMMV.

If you're looking for something more approachable…

@jalcine especially for users who perhaps don't like email that much, or would rather use a modern web-interface, you should look into Discourse. (NOT Discord)
It can be used like a threaded Forum AND like a classical Mailinglist simultaneously. So people can use their preferred interface. (Really comfortable Web interface or Plaintext (or HTML) emails.)

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