As I mentioned in, I'm down to help people with F/LOSS projects (optimally for the Fediverse/IndieWeb/general public) to add support (both consumer and provider) for their projects. The easiest way for us to grow our projects is to work together!

@jalcine Do you know of any applications I could host to provide IndieAuth like has? I've looked around a *bit* but it seems like the one most similar to what I want is Selfauth and it's single-user 😕

@amolith the closest would be by @aaronpk. I'm working on something similar but it's meant to be run as a service for multiple people (on behalf of @blackaf)


That's exactly the kind of thing I'd like to look at hosting! Thank you for the suggestion!

@amolith no problem! feel free to hop into and talk shop about this kind of stuff! (IRC, Slack bridged as well)

@jalcine I love the hell out of this idea; I've been holding off doing login for a couple client programs because it is a case-by-case mess right now
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