@jalcine This definitely makes me think of something the ActivityPub C2S api could be used for. Tying various applications to one user and instance would be seriously great.

@sean It's what it _should_ be for. But every time I looked into it, it looked kinda hard to do. IndieAuth is a bit simpler since it only handles the authentication dance

@jalcine Right, I don't disagree with you on using something like IndieAuth to basically accomplish that.

I just think fediverse apps have a fundamental plumbing problem when it comes to this underlying concept of tying things together into a unified user context, and it'd be nice to eventually figure out a way around that.
@jalcine On the other hand, I've been toying with the idea of writing simple, lightweight non-federated apps that just auth to Mastodon / Pleroma and post things to a user's stream.
@trwnh @jalcine Yeah, if it could be like mail-in-a-box or YunoHost or something, that'd be amazing.

I think the trick is in creating a package/platform that doesn't have too many external dependencies or insane permutations of configuration options.

@sean @trwnh the bit regarding configuration options isn't too much of a problem - just gotta have sane defaults

@jalcine @trwnh Yeah, I'm just thinking in worst-case scenario terms, because I've been debugging issues with SAML IdPs in enterprise environments for the last few weeks.
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