I'm going to be doing a bit into this once I get some ironing done.

As I mentioned in v2.jacky.wtf/post/opt-for-indi, I'm down to help people with F/LOSS projects (optimally for the Fediverse/IndieWeb/general public) to add support (both consumer and provider) for their projects. The easiest way for us to grow our projects is to work together!

@jalcine this would also be very good for people using multiple instances, dont have to make new accounts each time, which is something i know a lot of people hate

@jalcine I can't agree with this more...

use your own directories... They shouldn't own your identities.

@jalcine This definitely makes me think of something the ActivityPub C2S api could be used for. Tying various applications to one user and instance would be seriously great.

@sean It's what it _should_ be for. But every time I looked into it, it looked kinda hard to do. IndieAuth is a bit simpler since it only handles the authentication dance

@jalcine Right, I don't disagree with you on using something like IndieAuth to basically accomplish that.

I just think fediverse apps have a fundamental plumbing problem when it comes to this underlying concept of tying things together into a unified user context, and it'd be nice to eventually figure out a way around that.
@jalcine On the other hand, I've been toying with the idea of writing simple, lightweight non-federated apps that just auth to Mastodon / Pleroma and post things to a user's stream.

@sean That could just use the OAuth2 dance they provide. I know that Mastodon doesn't show its endpoints as part of its ActivityPub profile (I looked) but if Pleroma does then you got a good target (and something that fleshes out the spec)

@trwnh @jalcine Yeah, if it could be like mail-in-a-box or YunoHost or something, that'd be amazing.

I think the trick is in creating a package/platform that doesn't have too many external dependencies or insane permutations of configuration options.

@sean @trwnh the bit regarding configuration options isn't too much of a problem - just gotta have sane defaults

@jalcine @trwnh Yeah, I'm just thinking in worst-case scenario terms, because I've been debugging issues with SAML IdPs in enterprise environments for the last few weeks.
@sean @jalcine probably the quickest way to get going for now. AP C2S is longer term strategy. technical leadership is needed to build the ecosystem, but we will get there in the end.
Did you heard about OpenWebAuth (used by #zot)?

@jalcine Do you know of any applications I could host to provide IndieAuth like indieauth.com/ has? I've looked around a *bit* but it seems like the one most similar to what I want is Selfauth and it's single-user 😕

@amolith the closest would be indielogin.com by @aaronpk. I'm working on something similar but it's meant to be run as a service for multiple people (on behalf of @blackaf)


That's exactly the kind of thing I'd like to look at hosting! Thank you for the suggestion!

@amolith no problem! feel free to hop into chat.indieweb.org/ and talk shop about this kind of stuff! (IRC, Slack bridged as well)

@jalcine I love the hell out of this idea; I've been holding off doing login for a couple client programs because it is a case-by-case mess right now


I like and endorse what this article says.

The bit at the bottom about how to reply though is just confusing. I have no idea what my "response URI" is?

Here's hoping replying from Mastodon does something useful...

@Blort I can definitely make that more clear. A response URI would be the actual HTTP link to your reply - like what I've replied to here.

Mastodon doesn't support Webmentions so I wouldn't get this on my site - I'd have to send it to my site manually

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