Distributed sign in that'd help facilitate nomadic identities on the Web by way of :)

@dansup oooh nice! I'm sure once you're comfortable; having it live at would be cool?

I'm moving my libraries there once I put them on GitHub (still iffy on that)

@jalcine suggestion: use very different layouts for "identity" and "data access"

identity = "a user with this name exists, and they tried to log in"

data access = stuff like create / update. "Wants to help you manage your account" could be a friendly wording

@riking I'm not sure I follow. follows No aspect of data management is done. The scopes described aren't even kept by outside of confirming that the service had the proper permissions to do what it was told to.

@jalcine oh, i guess i was confused about the scope definitions presented there
I think they mean the difference between Authentication and Authorization. Both are competed by #IndieAuth. For example Authentication would be logging in to the wiki (identity). Authorization is in a Micropub app (allows you to control data).
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