So just put GNU Talor on my radar -

This looks like an abstraction similar to Square Cash that's open and flexible. There's more work to be done in (mobile device support, having multiple-device, one-wallet things) but it's NOT a cryptocurrency - it's a fucking payment PROCESSOR)

Y'all I'm actually fucking freaking out, lol. Like this could be a sustainable mechanism for funding / supporting F/LOSS stuff. Ahhh, I'm like shaking LOL

One could use this as a layer on top of things like Paypal, Square Cash, et al and allow for seamless transition between the two.

(This is a reach since Talor focuses on banks and it might be focused on US banks and the whole ACH/eCheck flow is _MAD_ annoying).


Why am I kinda excited for this?

Tbh, I want this to be something that within my OS; I have payment info stored and if I go into Plasma Discover, elementary's App Store or like doing a checkout on the Web, it just say "Pay" and uses _that_.

That's where the future of digital payments should have gone - my computer/device determines what works and how it works. This + allowing me to specify how to pay for things (use my BTC 🤢 or my business banking account? maybe pull from Venmo?)

@ishiku bruh this is something Patreon could use itself as opposed to the whole bank transfer / PayPal options.


@jalcine This sounds exactly like what Web Payments is doing. It's not live everywhere yet but has good adoption where it matters:
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