So I want to move to use OpenStreetMap for more of my mapping needs. This involves navigation, reverse geocoding and the likes. Does anyone have suggestions on (preferably open) services that provide this (web, desktop and mobile welcome!)

I've settled on to handle navigation (only foot traffic - I wonder what kind of work it'd take to add public transit info in there) and location discovery.

I'm going to lean on for public transit information tho.

@jalcine I tried OsmAnd for the first time last month and I am super impressed. In several ways it was better than Google Maps.

For web use, seems to do most of what I want.

Neither one supports public transit yet as far as I can tell, but since many transit authorities make their GTFS data freely available to the public, I'm hopeful that somebody will fix that eventually.

@jamey I just launched OsmAnd and WOW it really is nice! I'm like satisfied and also interested in the sensibility of this app! Like if enough work, I can see me doing "check-ins" from it!

@jalcine I prefer (just "Maps" on fdroid) over OsmAnd. Interface is a lot nicer
@jalcine Streetcomplete is really nice, I like walking around doing its tasks while e.g. waiting for a bus

@elomatreb Legit! I'm about to use it all of the time. I do want to make my contributors "hidden" so people can't predict my whereabouts.

@jalcine You can create pseudonymous OSM accounts but I don't think you can hide them any further :/

@elomatreb Eh, fuck it. I kinda expose it passively by my check-ins already.

@jalcine @elomatreb

Many in the #OpenStreetMap community are with you on that, and view such metadata as against the GDPR & #privacy ethics.

#Geofabrik provides 2 versions of #OSM data files, one without metadata like usernames for the public, and one with, but you have to have an OSM account.

@jalcine I can't really find it from their website, but what's the licensing on Transit?

@brainblasted ugh I'd have to find a way to block them, maybe via a VPN. But like it's really good and I don't know of any public transit options (at the moment)

@jalcine the app "Maps" from f-droid works much, much better than osmand!

@jalcine now playing: "Wake me up when we can have nice things" by Green Day 😸

@jalcine I recently discovered Transportr which is a FLOSS android app for public transport routing. It's working well for me so far.

@jalcine (aka 'Maps') also does subway routing in a limited number of cities

@rory peep the replies to that post for one regarding Maps

@rory I'll try this out as soon as it downloads to my phone. It doesn't seem to pull from F-Droid.

@jalcine Navigation using OpenStreetMap maps can be done using and as far as I know they do also have a app but I don't know if reverse geocoding (what the hell is that?!) works there.

@jalcine Given the rest of your thread, this may not be what you're looking for, but look into the open source projects that used to be available from Mapzen. It's all open source and provides APIs for forward and reverse geocoding, navigation, and more.

Mapzen shut down a while ago, but the pieces have been picked up by the Linux Foundation, so may be likely to stick around for a while.

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