My hesitation to look more into solutions like Dat is my inability to handle things like POST requests. I think one could get around that with something like

(does pfrazee live on the fediverse?)


That said, I wanna compile a lil' list of people working on / technologies.

I know @aral's working on it as part of Hypha and @darius plugged me to probably the best guide I've seen.

Who else is out here for the distributed Web / ?

@jalcine @darius Just a PS. Dat = supported by a not for profit. IPFS = supported by venture capital. IPFS has to make a billion dollars. How do they do that and if they manage it how do we square that concentration of power with decentralisation? Dat / IPFS is one slash combination I’d personally not like to see perpetuated :)

@jalcine @aral @darius I have setup a wordpress static site plugin in preparation to use #dat on it. Gonna be looking at it tonight.

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