The more I look at things like Dat, the more hesitant I am to do anything with it. Stuff like this shouldn't have to live inside a Web browser, imo. Like imagine a plain native text editor that worked with Dat.

Like I want to use it in Koype to reduce a dependency on domain name registrars (czars) but it's still a bit difficult to use (I can't memorize a hash)

@jalcine you shouldn't try to memorize it?.. It's like with onion addresses.

@charlag I want to use a 'pet name' so I can easily communicate it with other people. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% sold on Dat. I'm wondering how to make it something I can take to my family

@jalcine that's what cwebber was talking about some time ago

@jalcine sometimes I feel like the only person who types URLs tho. People use pinned things in browser or homescreen imo

@charlag lol I mean I occasionally do. But I work off pattern matching

@jalcine if I understand correctly, you also type in some part of the URL?
Firefox actually searches over them and also titles and such from history

@charlag nah usually just the title of the page or the URI if I remember it.

I'm looking for the least friction in change with the highest value and impact

@charlag I type or edit over a 100 URLs or partial URLs a day, I believe.
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