2009: All I need is HTML and CSS to put a site!

2019: All I need is Docker, Kubernetes, Jekyll, Caddy, GitHub, macOS, 8 GB+ RAM, Chrome Canary, React and a Twitter account!

Look. I’m all for the Web. But we CANNOT dismiss the fact that a lot of it is built on top of tools we lost a lot of control over.

@jaywink They are. Now Websites are basically invisible unless you have an application that emulates 4/5 of an operating system, desktop environemnt and potentially a partially closed-source compositor.

@jalcine Nah. You don't need to follow all the trends. None of the things you listed are even partly required to run a website, seriously. A funny joke but there is nothing reality about that.

@jalcine but after all... "nobody cares about technical points ! It must work <period>"

@charly I don't follow. Technically sound and reliable solutions have always mattered in my line of work.

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