Such a good idea, imo. I'm going to shove this into anyone's face who thinks that VC-based startups or just blitzscaling is such a good idea.

Like validate your product by the market not by abuse.

A solid read from Tim O’Reilly about blitzscaling in QZ (with a highlight I found interesting):

I dunno. It just sounds like an uncritical longing for the "good old days" of capitalism. Did you ever read this?

@kavbojka Hm. I've gotten more of the "trust the 'market' to validate products" which (in this environment we're in) I'm more willing to align with than building companies purely for valuation and re-selling.

@kavbojka oooooh this is a critique on O'Reilly! Definitely reading this

@jalcine This is what concerns me: "A strong case can be made that blitzscaling isn’t really a recipe for success but rather survivorship bias masquerading as a strategy."

Oh and this is nice too: 'Sustainability may not actually matter, though, according to the gospel of blitzscaling. After all, the book’s marketing copy does not promise the secret of building massively profitable or enduring companies, but merely “massively valuable” ones.'

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