Real talk.

I think I'm going to actively work to just not support Chromium-based browsers in my personal site in the future as a form of protest. Firefox is free, faster and can run in a lot of environments.

There's also Falkon, Epiphany, Beaker, GNOME Web and other Web browsers. We need to stop using them; stop supporting them and stop giving them what they want: US.

@MatejLach @jalcine firefox focus breaks a lot of sites for me that regular firefox doesn't

@snailerotica @MatejLach @jalcine Focus is great as an initial defence & filter — set it as your default browser (I also VPN it with Tor) so that random links open up in it. If you want to bookmark, login etc, just share it to Firefox.

@noorul @MatejLach Yeah, I was suggesting solutions for non-power users (i.e: people who wouldn't know how to enable Developer Mode to enable F-Droid to side-load applications on their phone)


Things have changed a lot #Android.

Developer mode is not necessary.

All an Android user need to access above Weblink and download the latest version of


Ice cat mobile

From their default browser or chrome. Click to install it.

Only one necessary step give permission to 'install from unknown source' while installing process.

It's easier to get started on these.

P.S. fennec or Icecat mobile not available from Google Play store



I'm not sure if many androids use it yet but think it'll become increasingly common for them to use monochrome- where the chrome app also provides the webview (saves having to have a whole load of code duplicated on the device)

Disabling chrome in these cases also disables the webview and is likely to break a whole load of unexpected apps (eg. I was surprised loads of bits of K9 mail didn't work with webview disabled) also my WiFi turned on & the UI to turn it off didn't work!

@jalcine installing any browser on iOS is pointless because everything has to be based on Safari (app store policy)

@crushv It's better than using nothing / doing nothing. I'm not about the "all or nothing" approach. Change is doable in any velocity.

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