My ambitions for the Web are crazy. Like I'm thinking about things like:

* I don't want my preferences stored on remote systems - send them back to my server.
* Let me define what you can do with the data I send to you.
* OCAP every fucking where.
* Desktop application support - not the pseudo "offline" stuff that's being peddled.

The thing is that I think I can make ALL of this doable.

@jalcine yesss the fediverse catching onto ocap everywhere techmemes

@jalcine The first two points'd probably be answered by most to your liking...

@mareklach I can't find documentation or a guide on this site.

Looks like some crypto stuff (from the stocks page). Looking for something that's meant to help people not advance forms of capitalism.

@jalcine To support some of this stuff (I don't think I can do it all myself), I've find a tool that can list all links on a site.

And I'll use it to help you register to webfeeds (for notifications) and via Odysseus's offline databases to suggest links to you.

@jalcine I think Cyrus used to have a "remote preferences protocol" so that email clients on different hosts could keep your prefs in sync. Based on LDAP maybe? 🤔 Would be pretty sweet to have now for web and phones apps.

@dpwiz this service uses a bunch of Web-based services in a centralized but federation fashion. This isn't much different from like Nextcloud with full AP support and a bridge to XMPP.

@dpwiz also nothing I described is explicitly mentioned on that site. Do you use it + have screenshots of use?

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