Thinking about adding support for to If the site you're using in has been proven by Keybase, then that'll allow you to sign in using that domain! It's a bit of an extension on rel-me.

Speaknig of , this is what it looks like once we've scanned your domain name!

Hmm. I can't just "detect" a link that's a Mastodon profile. I'm going to ask for specificity so it'll be easier for me.

I'm leaning to Mastodon because it has OAuth2 provider support. I think Pleroma has this too!

Alright so boom. If you enter your URI at the bottom of, it should tell you about yourself. It'll show a pretty aggressive looking but harmless message if your site has no h-card data. Otherwise it'll print out all of your rel-me links and show the platform I'll be aiming to add support for!

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