Thinking about adding support for to If the site you're using in has been proven by Keybase, then that'll allow you to sign in using that domain! It's a bit of an extension on rel-me.

Speaknig of , this is what it looks like once we've scanned your domain name!

Hmm. I can't just "detect" a link that's a Mastodon profile. I'm going to ask for specificity so it'll be easier for me.

I'm leaning to Mastodon because it has OAuth2 provider support. I think Pleroma has this too!

Alright so boom. If you enter your URI at the bottom of, it should tell you about yourself. It'll show a pretty aggressive looking but harmless message if your site has no h-card data. Otherwise it'll print out all of your rel-me links and show the platform I'll be aiming to add support for!

I'll probably even allow Fortress itself to be a rel-me provider for people who don't want to use silos like the ones above and help them transition out. Something akin to how Google lets you verify site ownership but just powered via rel-me!

I'm high-key building so people can sign in to using it. I personally like the idea of using a 2FA app to sign in but it's not for everyone. Giving options here helps us all!

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