I finally did it. It's a 0.0.1 but it's a _release_. Just bit the bullet and did it, lol.

It's currently live (as always) at! That running instance will be what I use to power (in the near future - once I use it for real myself, I'll release it at a 1.0.0 - I have a lot of demands lol)

Spent the last few months doing a lot of refactoring to get this page at to be fully rendered from a template! Pushing another update that'd be data-driven too! Sooooooooooooo ready to get the foundation of this stuff out for !

Now, basic theming support is in . This is big (for me, lol). Once I can get out the door, I'll implement my current site's theme as an available one to test it out.

Ugh. Passively implementing a whole "template" API and what not. I knew I'd have to do this but not only it is tedious; I need to export this documentaton somewhere.

@jalcine Congratulations! Shipping is hard and it's quite a relief to have something finally out the door.😊

@jalcine congrats on shippping!
I love it already :blobaww:

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