Finally working on my solution called Fortress! It'll live under the @blackaf collection of services. There's a few things I'm hoping to have it support services that expose OAuth2 provider logic!

This is also probably the first time I used only system fonts for a project. Like it's lit

I'm planning to open source the bits of this in a few days or when the AGPL bits are added, whichever comes first.

@Are0h @blackaf Lemme know! It _should_ be simple! I'll be working on SDK libraries for languages that don't have one (like omniauth in Ruby or passport in Node) or promote existing compatible solutions!

@jalcine @blackaf I'm down for whatever, dude.

Right now, I'm just authenticating against my db with some handwritten stuff, so it's wide open.

It seems like it just needs to be a setting to set rel links, but let me know if I'm wrong.

@jalcine @blackaf I'm definitely going to take a look at this, seems excellent!

@darius @blackaf <3 <3 <3!

I'll be sure to keep an update when it's more ready for general use!

@benhamill I gotta add more words (and a working demo lol) but yeah! instead of using a password; you'd use your URL / domain name

@benhamill @jalcine IndieAuth is a profile of OAuth(0), but an IndieAuth proxy like Fortress may also accept whatever known mechanism that you refer to with a rel-me, like an account with the big silos.

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