Putting some last touches on the talk about the and for tonight!


Talk on the and went okay last night! Planning to make a re-cap blog post about it. I have my slides available here but my talks are very conversational: slides.com/jackyalcine-1/desti

Lol I definitely nixed out the last two slides.

@jalcine Nice slide deck, was the talk recorded? out on Peertube or some place?

@skryking Nope - WaffleJs's completely community run so it's up to people to do that. I'm working on a synthesis blog post that should be out in the next few days though!

@jalcine cool... so someone in the crowd wasn't standing there with a cell phone recording it for you then.

@jalcine looks like a great presentation! Thanks for helping spread the word! Looking forward to reading your blog post.

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