I get so much satisfaction from designing, managing servers and developing tools for my project.

Everyday, I feel like I get a bit closer to this wonderful solution where we completely control our media end to end.

It's hard as fuck and sometimes I get really frustrated, but it has been the most worthwhile project I've ever taken.

I've never been so sure about a particular project. I love working on this shit every day.

I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to talk about whatever on blogs we control that connect to federated video platforms where we premiere original content that's been funded completely by our own communities.

Imagine posting a thought in one place and it just cascades through the entire platform for interested people to see with no interference from algorithms or whatever the fuck trying to maximize profits.

That thought just gets me excited.

@Are0h Why not host our videos on our blogs? Is storage the problem, or is it bandwidth?
@Are0h @starbreaker

I think the main value of video hubs like peertube is content discovery.

the open web is a wonderful thing but discovery kinda sucks. even the semantic web people didn't really have a good answer except for providing search engines with better metadata.

maybe what we need is a video hubs where you just supply the URL to where you uploaded the video. then you retain control of your data but still have the discovery friendliness of these video hubs.
@Are0h @starbreaker @jalcine

in some ways, but a lot of that is still broken semantic web tech.

we need to bring back stuff like web rings and curated lists of links.

stuff that works.
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